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It has been an especially difficult time for single people this past year, with the lockdowns putting a dampener on the dating scene and preventing people from having hook-ups. But now the lockdowns have finally been eased it’s time to get yourself back out there. First dates can be somewhat nerve-wracking, even more so when you’re out of practice. So here are some tips on what to wear on your first date to make the best impression!


Match the occasion

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it can be quite difficult to know what to wear when you’re going out somewhere you’ve never been before. If your date is something casual like coffee, then dress casual! If they’re taking you to a 5-star restaurant, then get ready to dazzle in that new dress you’ve not had chance to wear yet. If you can research the venue online, look and see if there are any dress codes, as some places may require you to be up to standard.

How casual is too casual?

The last tip is a very simple place to get started when figuring out your outfit, but it can still feel complicated when you desperately want to impress your date. If you have agreed on a casual first date to just get to know each other, then they’re likely not expecting you to come out with makeup ready for the red carpet and high-heeled shoes. Find something comfortable and stick with what you know, if you usually have natural makeup on then do that, if bold eyeliner is your thing, then stick with it! A casual first date is to get to know you, not to impress, so stick to what you normally would do in this situation.

Fancy first date? Dress up!

If a fancy restaurant has been suggested for the first date, it’s likely they want to impress you, and will be expecting the same back. So put yourself out there a little. A black dress can never go wrong with the right accessories, and more striking makeup and a bold lip will match this perfectly. And it is likely that the venue will definitely have a dress code, so if you’re still stuck, or want to do more than a simple black dress then check the site. Or, you could look on Instagram and see posts people have tagged to the venue to get an idea of how others dress and take inspiration from them.

Is this a passionate night, or a spark igniting?

You will also want to consider whether you intend on seeing this person again. If this is a one-night stand, then you can go all out to make it a passionate and steamy night. Wear your best lingerie and cute skirt, put on your heels and be ready to wow them. But if this is someone you are planning on seeing again, or pursuing a relationship with, then you may want to save the best until later, and do just enough to entice them in. Wear a cute dress and boots, or perhaps some jeans and a nice top. You don’t want to give them too much and set a standard for how you always be (unless of course, that is how you always are).

Match the weather

If you’re in a heatwave in the middle of summer, you’re likely not going to want to wear jeans or a jacket. Check the weather in advance so you can play around with that. Will you need an umbrella, or will a jacket do? Is it going to be hot enough to wear a skirt or shorts, or are tights needed? Is chafing going to be an issue? If you’re in the middle of winter and its cold, a jumper dress will be perfect for a nice cosy date out, and it can be styled to be very casual or more done up to match the occasion. If it’s spring then you’ll want to get rid of some of your thicker woollies for a long sleeved shirt and jacket, or a dress and cardigan could work. You should always check the weather so you can be prepared for the worst.


Follow this simple guide to knock the socks off your date. But what you should do if a guy suddenly stops talking with you and the date didn’t go as you hoped? Was it your outfit, your hair, your makeup? If it didn’t work out just try again! It doesn’t matter if you didn’t nail the outfit, someone out there will love your style no matter what you show up in. The more dates you go on, the more practice you’ll have at finding the perfect outfit.


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Base, bottle, stem, and bowl are the four parts that make up a wine glass. Glasses are stable due to their base. By design, the stem is curved to elongate the glass while giving the customer something to hold onto while preventing the wine from heating up. Similarly, the bowl of the glass is kept free of fingerprints.

Bowls sit on top of stems. Glasses are generally known for their bowls. To effectively swirl the wine, the ring should be as large as possible without spilling, and it should be tapered to concentrate the scents of the wine. Aromas need to be released by wines with a full-bodied body, such as reds. So, you need to serve these wines in a large bowl. A white wine glass, on the other hand, is typically smaller and narrower than one used for a red wine glass. White wines benefit from this since the aromas are released and the temperature is also maintained at a cooler level. Finally, flutes make it easier to keep bubbles in sparkling wines because they keep the wine cold.

What is the reason for the wide variety of wine glasses?

Some shapes of wine glasses are better for particular types of wine, as you’ll find among the variety of wine glasses available. By the way, stemmed or stemless wine glasses are both fine. More about how your mouth absorbs the flavors of the wine and how the shape of the vessel helps.

Glass vs. Crystal: What’s the Difference?

Glass is not always crystal, and vice versa. A glass is generally classified as either glass or crystal based on its lead content. Crystal is easier to cut and engrave because lead softens the glass. The heavier and diffraction nature of crystal makes it distinct from traditional glass. As a rule, lead leaches out of traditional lead glassware. These days, the majority of crystal glassware is unleaded to prevent this.

You should consider your washing situation when deciding between crystal and glass. Depending on your needs, you may choose to purchase both types of glass, so you can use either one appropriately.

Here are a few of the most common glass shapes and the wines that tend to work best with each one.

Most Popular And Stylish Wine Glasses

1. Cabernet Wine Glass

While the wide opening at the bottom and narrow opening at the top are conducive to proper air circulation, they both work together to capture aromas as well.

Bordeaux glasses are typically used for red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Malbec, etc. We recommend them for your red wines. The bowl is large enough for oxygen to reach the wine and allow the aromas to be concentrated so they are more readily detected by your nose

2. Burgundy Wine Glass

  • The Burgundy wine glass is ideal for red wines with lighter, more delicate flavors, such as Pinot Noir, Beaujolais, and red Burgundy.
  • The large bowl allows the drinker to detect subtle flavors because it has a narrower top (as opposed to Bordeaux glasses).
  • Wines with delicate aromas can be enjoyed in a bowl with a large opening
  • Drinks are easier to take out of thin rims

3. Bordeaux Glass

Red wines that drink well in this glass shape include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Alicante Bouschet and Bordeaux Blends.

  • Ethanol is farther away from the nose, so it produces more aroma compounds
  • Ethanol evaporates more easily on greater surfaces
  • Wines taste smoother when they have a wider opening

KristinAugust 24, 2021


Over the last couple of years, we have unfortunately been unable to attend a lot of the events that we know and love. Due to covid restrictions, all major public events had to be put on hold in order to protect the safety of those who were going to possibly attend. This means that no concerts, big celebrations, or festivals were able to proceed, which means that many of us are craving a good public event to attend in the next year.

If you are someone that has a passion for fashion, then you may have been upset over the last year due to the fact that so many of the runways and fashion shows that we all love were forced to cancel. There were still some fashion shows that took place, but this all occurred online and so you were unable to experience the atmosphere of a fashion show, which we all know is something that can not be compared to any other feeling.

You are most likely more than ready to venture out and see a fashion show, but with so many regulations still in place, it can be hard to know which shows are actually going to happen this year. Here are the hottest fashion shows going ahead in 2022.


London Fashion Week

One of the most popular fashion shows that thousands of people flock to every year is London Fashion Week. This event didn’t happen at all last year, which means that the designers have had almost two years to master some of the most beautiful designs and inspire the general public.

Due to the fact that this particular fashion week is considered to be a ‘come back’, we have been promised that it will be the best one yet. Something that is setting this year apart from other fashion week events is the long list of celebrity hosts and guests. Many celebrities have worked in collaboration with some of the biggest names and one of the most notable celebrities to be taking the stage this year is Lily Allen. Lily has had a big year, due to her performances in the west end and her creation of the brand Liberty which focuses on female relaxation products such as rose toys. Though last year was already busy for Lily, this year looks as though it is going to be equally, if not more busy. She is collabing with Chanel and presenting their latest collection to the world. Nobody knows what the collection will be like, but when it comes to Chanel you know that it is going to be good.

If you want to get an experience of what fashion week is like in London, but you are unable to get tickets to the runway, then simply head to London. The whole city comes alive when London fashion week is happening and you will see some of the most glamorous outfits and meet some of the most amazing people.


Handbags and Gladrags

If you are someone that doesn’t really enjoy the look of a typical fashion show and you want to see something a little more camp, then we recommend that you book tickets to go and see handbags and Gladrags. This event is hosted by some of the UK’s favorite drag queens and next year promises to be one of the biggest shows yet.

This particular fashion show is about embracing all things that are unique and creative and for this reason, this particular fashion show actually invites viewers to take part in the show. If you want to be a part of the fashion show, then all that you need to do is use recycled materials and try to make your own look that is sustainable and fashion-forward.

What makes this fashion show stand out from a lot of the others is just how inclusive they are when it comes to model selection. This fashion show believes that fashion is not just reserved for size 0 and for this reason they try to include a diverse line of models, which represent many different body times and body abilities. This is why the fashion show has been so popular for so many years.



The Milan fashion show is included in what is considered to be the ‘big four’ of the fashion weeks. Anyone that is a huge fan of fashion waits all year in anticipation of what they believe is going to be the new trends of the year. Many people fly out to Milan in order to be able to see the event in person, but a lot of the runways are extremely exclusive and are reserved for some of the biggest names in fashion and some major celebrities. If you want to attend, we recommend that you look now in order to get tickets

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If you are from a country that had to undergo isolation and lockdown last year, then you probably spent most of the winter enjoying the comfort of your own bed and watching Netflix. I believe that winter is the most fashionable time of year, as this is when the parkas and turtlenecks make their way out of the back of the closet and hit the streets once again.

Last year, many of us didn’t really get the chance to show off all of our more fashionable clothing items. After all, do you really need to change out of your sweats if you are watching Netflix and feeding your pets CBD cat treats ? Now that the world has started to open back up, your upcoming winter may have many more plans than your last winter. This winter may be the first time you have seen your friends in forever, so you may want to impress with how you look. The best way that you can impress us is by looking as fashionable as possible. Here are our fashion choices for the upcoming season.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, no winter fashion is better than a stylish turtleneck. The turtleneck is genderless, which means that everyone that wants to can wear a turtleneck. You can match a good turtleneck with a stylish pair of jeans or even a skirt or leggings. If you are someone that doesn’t really like the look of a turtleneck on its own, why not purchase a thin turtleneck and layer it with a thin tee or even a t-shirt dress. You can do a lot with a good turtleneck, and it also keeps you quite warm, so what is there not to love about it?

The Parka

I know I mentioned it in the introduction of this article, but there is no arguing that a good parka is the staple of any good winter outfit. Parkas come in an array of different colors, so no matter what your style is, you are bound to find a parka that matches. We recommend that you get yourself a black parka as this will be much easier to match with pretty much any outfit.

If you have ever been to the mall or for a nice walk during the winter, then you will be more than aware of just how many people choose to don a stylish parka. Parkas are great as they have your whole body covered, which means that you will have a lot of protection from the cold winter air. They also have a lot of pockets, and if you are a woman, you will know just how hard it can be to find an item of clothing with some decent pockets. This means that when you head on your winter Christmas shopping trip, you can keep all of your essentials in your pockets, which means that you can use your hands to carry around your dozens of shopping bags.

Hat, Scarf, and Glove

Knit Hat/Scarf/Gloves Set- Women Men Unisex Cable Knit Winter Cold Weather Gift Set - ForestAfter a year of trying to avoid a life-threatening disease, it would be silly of you to head out into the icy winter air and catch yourself a cold. You can still look good while staying warm this winter, so make sure that you are not prioritizing your fashion over your appearance.

You can still look good in your winter gear, and if knitting was one of the hobbies that you picked up during lockdown, then why not try and put yourself together a brand new set ahead of winter. By making your own set, you will have something unique to you. If you have an issue finding a hat that fits well on your head, why not make one for yourself to measure up until it is a perfect size?

If you like to wear named brands and don’t really enjoy the warm winter look, worry not. Every single major brand has its own hat, scarves, and gloves, so you don’t have to compromise any of your fashion along the way.

Winter dresses

Just because it is a little colder outside does not mean that you should abandon dresses altogether. There are plenty of retailers that offer a line of thick dresses that are perfect for the winter. You can even wear the dresses that you love to wear all year long, but pair them with some thick thermal tights and a cute jacket.

There is no excuse to look bad this winter and so try your best not to revert to your comfortable clothes that you have already spent enough time lying around in within the last year.

KristinJuly 22, 2021


If you are someone that has a passion for fashion, then you have probably considered opening up your own boutique. Being a shop owner can be an exciting prospect, but there is no denying that it can be a difficult task. 

These days a lot of clothing stores that open up to the general public have a very low survival chance and if you are someone that lives close to any shopping malls then you may have noticed that a lot of clothing stores quickly disappear. If you want to run a successful boutique, then your best chance of survival is setting it up online. 

Online stores have a much better chance of survival and also have lower running costs, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting into financial debt, but running an online business still has its own risks. Here is a guide to running an online boutique. 

Planning your Boutique

Just like owning a real life boutique, a lot of planning needs to go into making sure that your boutique looks good and operates well.  One of the main parts of making sure that your boutique operates well is making sure that you have a well designed website. If someone was to walk into a real life boutique, they wouldn’t purchase anything if the facility was a mess. This is the same for your website and if your website does not look good, then people will be unlikely to buy from your boutique. 

We recommend deciding on an overall theme for your boutique, as this will make designing the page and purchasing your clothing items much easier.

Building Your Webstore 

One of the first steps to ensuring that your online shop is ready for use is building the actual webstore. Now, if you are just a standard business owner then you may not have received the training for creating your own webstore and for this reason we recommend that you employ someone who has plenty of experience in webstore building.

You have to make sure that your webstore works effectively as this is the main way that you will source your income, so if you have any problems with the website then you could potentially miss out on days worth of profit. For this reason we recommend that you have regular diagnostic checks to make sure that your website is in working order. 


As well as having someone that maintains the general running of your website, we also recommend that you employ a web designer to ensure that your website always looks good and up to date. 

Establishing A Payment System 

When it comes to payments on an online store, it is not all as straightforward as it is in store. There are a long list of things that can go wrong when it comes to payment systems online and so you need to make sure that you have a secure payment system set up. 

You can use a third-party e-commerce service such as Shipbob, but if you haven’t heard of Shipbob then you may be wondering, is shipbob a good ecom fulfillment service? We recommend taking a look for yourself and examining whether or not it fits your website. 

If you are someone that wants to keep it simple, you can go for simple bank transactions. We recommend pushing a Paypal to check out as there is more reliability in Paypal than other transaction sites. 

Boosting your Brand

When you own an online business, you do not have the luxury of someone just stumbling into your business and checking it out. For this reason, you have to make sure that your branding is as effective as it possibly can be. We recommend setting up a social media page as this is the easiest way that you can get your brand out there. 

Making a social media account means that you can speak directly with any potential customers that you may have. It also means that you can keep everyone up to date with what is happening with your brand, which will make your customers feel as though they are more involved with your company. Social media also offers the chance to promote your posts, which will only get your brand out there more.

KristinJune 28, 2021


If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a fashionista, you may be on the constant lookout for a brand new stylish item to make a statement with.  As summer is approaching, we are all ditching our winter clothing and slipping into something a little more comfortable and far less warm.

Dresses are the signature outfit of the summer, as they require very little styling and are incredibly comfortable and cooling. However, you may be bored of wearing the same dresses all of the time and want to find a fresh style to make your own. Here are the 8 most stylish dresses you will simply adore.


Little Black Dress

No matter what time of year it is, every single woman needs to own a little black dress. A little black dress can be pulled out on any occasion and will be sure to stun the room. The little black dress is a timeless look that has been impressing the world for decades and every iconic woman in the world has made a statement with this dress.  Think of the Princess Di revenge dress, which was a little black number.

Maxi Dress

If you are someone that wants to be comfortable and cool, then you need to get yourself a maxi dress. The best part about maxi dresses is that you don’t even need to put too much work into styling them as they are so large, they essentially are the outfit. Match a maxi dress with a stylish cropped jacket and then you are ready to hit the town while looking fabulous. Maxi dresses come in many different styles, so you are bound to find one that you will absolutely adore.

The Strawberry Dress

The strawberry dress has been making fashionable women swoon for the last year or so. This dress is very hard to get your hands on, but when you do you will feel the most fashionable you have ever felt in your entire life.  You may have seen this dress all over the internet as many influencers have been styling it to fit their own personal aesthetic. This look is not only cute, but it is extremely well made and if you are someone that appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into designing clothes, then you will be very impressed with this dress.


Who said that fashionable dresses are exclusive to just one culture? Even if you are someone that cannot necessarily show off a little skin this summer due to religious reasons, you can still look fantastic in an Abaya. An Abaya is a flowing wide-sleeved dress and is one of the most popular Arabian dresses out there due to how comfortable it is. This type of dress comes in many different styles and colors and it is popular to decorate this dress with gems and other embellishments. This dress can work on any occasion and is extremely versatile.

An off the Shoulder

If you are someone that loves the look of an exposed clavicle, then you may be interested in buying an off-the-shoulder dress. Off-the-shoulder dresses come in many different lengths and cuts so you are bound to be able to find a dress that suits your style and whatever event you plan on going to. The off the shoulder look has been a staple look for the last one hundred years and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon, so be sure you stick with the trends and get yourself an off-the-shoulder dress.


If you are someone that is body confident and has an attitude to match, then the bodycon dress is the dress for you. This dress is tight to the body, meaning it will show off every curve that you have. If you are someone that works hard for their figure, then you may want to show it off. This dress is the perfect dress to do this. It is getting extremely hot recently, so the less material you wear the cooler you will be, this dress is perfect for achieving a cool body temperature.

Aline Dress

If you are someone that isn’t as comfortable with your clothes hanging to your body, then you may prefer a more shapeless aline dress. This kind of dress is extremely popular right now and has been seen plenty of times on international catwalks.  If you are someone that enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, then you have to get yourself an aline dress. If you want a bit of shape from your A-line, you could always add a stylish belt to cinch in the waist and add shape to your look. However, we recommend that you just rock it as it is.

Sweater Dress

Even though it is getting hotter, some of us are still naturally cold people. For people who feel like that, we recommend that you get yourself a sweater dress. Not only will a sweater dress keep you warm, but they are extremely comfortable. If you are going on a casual hang out, then a sweater dress always makes for a fashionable and comfy look. Many brands have their own kind of sweater dress and so if you look at your favorite brand, then they will have a sweater dress that you are bound to love and look fashionable in.

KristinJune 10, 2021



Unless you are someone that isn’t particularly interested in the ins and outs of fashion, you have probably stared at yourself in the mirror and wished that you dressed better. It has happened to the best of us, as for whatever reason, many of us are incapable of purchasing the clothing items that we would love to wear, or we simply do not know what we would want to wear at all. 

For a lot of us picking out an outfit is no easy task. No matter how passionate you are and how much you care about what you wear, not all of us were born with the natural ability to be able to style and put together our own outfits. As the more romantic time of the year is approaching, those of you that are stylistically challenged may be worried about what you will wear on dates or go out. Here are 7 romance-inspired outfits perfect for passionate dressers.  


The Strawberry Dress 

Something that took the world by storm last year was the strawberry dress. This dress made all of the girly girls out there revert back to their childhood dreams of wearing a beautiful floaty dress. It wasn’t just the style of the dress that lured us in, but the pattern that was used. This dress has a delicate light pink strawberry lining that is the epitome of cute. If you are someone that wants to let their hair down and enjoy a girly day out, why not look into purchasing the strawberry dress. 


Fall Romantic 

Fall is the most romantic time of year. This is the time of year when you can cozy up with the person you love and go on romantic dates. Fall also means that you can dress up in comfy clothes. It is hard to argue that fall clothes are not the most fashionable of the year, so why not put together a cute jean and comfy jumper combination that will be perfect for your upcoming fall dates. 


Cute and flowery 

There is nothing more romantic than flowers. If you are someone that loves romance core, then you need to have a signature floral look in your closet. If you are a girl, you can match a cute floral skirt with a plain top or vest and if you are a boy, why not add a floral shirt to your lineup. Floral looks are extremely cute and if you are someone that loves to take an Instagram picture and you were lucky enough to receive a rose bear this year, then you will be able to take some cohesive pictures. 


Tailored suit 

Now there is nothing hotter than a tailored suit. No matter what your gender is, there is nothing more attractive than an outfit that fits like a glove and if you get the chance to get your hands on a slim fit suit, be sure to. Anyone that wears a suit instantly looks like they are making much more effort than they actually are, so if you plan on heading on some dates or out on the town in the next few weeks or months, be sure to pick up a suit. 


A Tight Delight  

Though some of us are hesitant to show our bodies off, it is hard to argue that anything looks better than a tight-fitting dress or shirt. Dressing like this oozes confidence and quickly allows you to create an attitude that makes you extremely appealing to people, even if it is not an accurate representation of who you are as a person, we could all use an occasional confidence boost. 


Cottage Core 

If you are someone that likes floaty dresses, tea party-style outfits, and timeless fashion, then you will love cottage core. Cottage core outfits are the epitome of romance, even if that is not the intention of the people who style themselves. There is an association with the clothes that you can find in the cottage core category that instantly reminds us all of the beloved fairy tales and romantic stories from the past. If you love comfy clothing and effortless fashion, then you would love cottage core. 


Gothic Romance 

Who says that romantic dresses have to be all flowery and pink? We could not finish this list without remembering those of us who love to dress a bit more on the dark side. Even if you don’t want to conform to the usual looks associated with romance, it does not mean that you have to forget romantic looks entirely. You can take any classic ‘romance’ outfit and add a splash of black. In fact, the strawberry dress that we previously discussed comes with a gothic sister, which is a black dress covered in light yellow moths.  

KristinJune 2, 2021


The Best Show on WFMU

Comedy team Scharpling and Wurster release another compilation of staged radio call-ins and interview spoofs

Published: May 5th, 2007 | 10:10am

Since October 2000, the cult radio show appropriately titled The Best Show on WFMU has been making listeners laugh throughout New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Pennsylvania via radio stations 91.1 FM and 90.1 FM as well as throughout the world via and podcast. Every Tuesday evening from 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern, DJ Tom Scharpling hosts three hours of “mirth, music, and mayhem,” which mostly consists of Scharpling’s rants about various topics such as Kevin Smith, the new Killers album, and NYC grocery stores, interactive games like “Come On, Guys” and “I Don’t Get It,” and frequent call-ins from “celebrities,” including Ted Leo, Mr. Show‘s Paul F. Tompkins and Chunklet editor Henry Owings. Scharpling has also interviewed comedians Zach Galifianakis, Matt Walsh and Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

While many diehard fans, dubbed “Friends of Tom,” are devoted to Scharpling, religiously tuning in each week and discussing the show in an online chat, the main attraction often comes in the form of audio sketches involving Superchunk drummer–turned–comedy writer Jon Wurster. He and Scharpling first became friends in 1993 when they bonded over their love for the TV series Get a Life, and in 1997, the duo debuted “Rock, Rot, and Rule” during Scharpling’s first WFMU radio show. The call featured Wurster as Ronald Thomas Clontle, a terribly misinformed music critic who had written a book dividing bands into three categories: those that rock, those that rot, and those that rule.

“We’d been talking on the phone for months, and eventually it was decided that we should probably try to do something on the air,” Wurster recalls from his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “And it went fantastically, and people were calling in to argue with me. And so from there on out we just kept doing it.”

Over time, the duo have developed a structure for its comedy bits that basically goes like this: Wurster calls into Scharpling’s show as a new or recurring character, and the initially innocuous conversation devolves into a tale of utter absurdity, culminating in the “caller” either threatening to physically harm Scharpling or getting harmed himself. The natural rapport between the two comedians would lead any unsuspecting listener to believe the call is real … at first. But after while, one learns to discern Wurster’s casual tenor from that of the average caller, no matter how it’s disguised.

Amazingly, the pair never rehearses beforehand. “We’ll kind of talk on the phone and one of us will have an idea,” Wurster explains. “[Then Scharpling] gets kind of the layout and I’ll actually write a lot of it down, how it’s gonna flow, some actual lines here and there. And then I’ll send Tom some notes on it, and we’ll discuss it a little more the day of the call, and then we’ll do it.”

“When we go into the calls, we know the spots that we have to hit to tell the story,” Scharpling adds. “Sometimes there’s 15 things to hit, and the calls are pretty much scripted out beat for beat. Other times we can keep them pretty loose just as long as we get to those spots, and the rest can be improvised and filled in and that keeps it really exciting.”

The fifth and latest release on Scharpling and Wurster’s own label, Stereolaffs, guarantees plenty of laughs for new and longtime listeners alike. Titled The Art of the Slap, this three-disc, super-sized compilation features some of the best bits the duo has performed on-air since October 2005. Scharpling does a follow-up interview with a man who got sucked up into a tornado and uses his second chance at life to start his own version of Girls Gone Wild. Regular character Philly Boy Roy talks about “The Running of the Cheese Steaks” and the psychic abilities of his chain-smoking 15-year-old son. And Corey Harris from major label alternative rock band Mother 13 calls in to gives a two-part account of his band’s trip to the top of Mt. Everest with the Polyphonic Spree and Buddy Guy, who all suffer terrible fates.

Scharpling and Wurster’s progressive, somewhat nerdy humor seems perfect for a listener-funded, freeform radio station, but both comedians have expanded into other media. In 2002, Scharpling was the first writer hired for the TBS television series Monk, having previously worked as a writer’s assistant to the show’s creator, fellow WFMU DJ and feature film writer Andy Breckman. Wurster is currently working on an episode for Cartoon Network’s Squibillies, and both helped write episodes for the next season of Tom Goes to the Mayor. Wurster also contributes to Modern Drummer magazine and plays with the likes of Robert Pollard, Rocket from the Crypt, and Jay Farrar.

But they’re not ready to stop doing The Best Show on WFMU … yet. “We’re planning on doing some visual stuff for later in this year, and it would be nice to see what we could do with that, but I wouldn’t want to end it right now,” Scharpling says. “I still think we have stuff to do. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, [but] I think we have worked it up to being something that’s kind of special, and we’re at full-strength right now.”


KristinMay 25, 2021


 Whilst the conflicts of the 20th Century was an absolute tragedy they have inspired many things today that you may not be aware of. Many popular video games have been based on the events of the 20th Century including games like rainbow siege six, if you’re currently playing this game and struggling then you can find rainbow six siege hacks online to help you with the game. Another thing that came, as a result, is the style inspiration, military-style clothing is a prominent trend. It has been in fashion a long time and it seems unlikely that it will go out of fashion anytime soon. If you’re wanting to achieve that military-style look then we have 6 great tips for you. 


The Trench Coat

The trench coat is by far the most iconic military-inspired item of clothing. If the military look is what you’re going for then you have to buy a trench coat as no military look is complete without it. Burberry was commissioned to create trench coats during the war as they needed suitable outerwear for the conditions that they were living in, after this he developed the trench coast as we know it today. There are many variations to the original trench coat long, short, or even colorful. 



The Bomber Jacket

The bomber jacket is a very versatile jacket that tends to go with any outfit you’re wearing. Many people don’t know that the bomber jacket was originally used to keep pilots warm in cockpits as many of the cockpits that they were flying in were so thin there was a chance of freezing. The original bomber jacket was made from leather and was much different from the lightweight bomber jackets that have been in fashion for the last few seasons. 



Chino’s now has the reputation as the perfect pants for any events you may be attending that have a smart casual dress code. They are most commonly spotted on college campuses so it may be surprising that Chino’s were originally designed for war. They were based on khakis and played an important part in helping to camouflage soldiers that were stationed in India. Chinos paired with either of the jackets mentioned above is a great military-style look. 


Desert Boots

Desert boots are another popular fashion item that is vital to achieving the military style that you want. These boots are popular as with the bomber jacket they are versatile and they are also made with high-quality fabrics. These boots were initially made for soldiers that were stationed in Burma in the 1940s as they needed more comfortable shoes and suede was the best material available.  



This is usually one of the most surprising items that were originally developed for military use. It was developed for those soldiers who were fighting for Britain in the Crimean War, originally, they didn’t have sleeves but the designs were quickly changed to include long sleeves. Now cardigans are one of the most popular items of clothing from every age range from old-age pensioners to children at school. This is another great item to purchase if you’re trying to achieve a military-style look. 


Combat Trousers

Combat trousers are another iconic piece of military clothing that any person wanting to achieve a military-style look will need in their wardrobe. They were designed in the First World War as soldiers needed pockets to hold medicine and now they have become trousers that are worn on casual days. Combat trousers and a trench coat are the 2 most important items getting that military style.  

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