Best CyberPunk Brands

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Best CyberPunk Brands

Despite its name, cyberpunk clothing has just as much mystery as it does style. Especially when you find good quality cyberpunk clothing and brands is harder than you think. After seeing an overwhelming number of cyberpunk fashion posts that pertain to nothing but cyberpunk clothing, it’s time to step in and help clear things up. The first thing I want to mention is that I am not only a fan of cyberpunk but actually own several

In the majority of online cyberpunk clothing shops, there aren’t many cyberpunk styles to be found instead, they offer steampunk, rave, and industrial styles. It’s ok that this happens. Despite their alternative nature, these styles bear little or no relationship to the cyberpunk attitude or the clothing of the era. In no particular order, here are some of the hottest cyberpunk clothing styles (and brands) for women, men, and even kids.

Short History of Cyberpunk Fashion

A large part of the origins of the cyberpunk movement can be traced back to the science (and fiction) developments of the 1960s and 1970s. In an urban landscape and under the lights of big cities, the cyberpunk movement has arisen at the dawn of a new era in technology. As a result of the internet, cyberpunk culture developed a dystopian feel, which also influenced fashion. instance, the early days of the internet tended to place cyberpunks into a cybergoth environment. The majority of the individuals among them were wearing minimalist fashion (monochrome clothing), black boots, and black nail polish, and It is fair to say that the Matrix and Total Recall movies did a magnificent job introducing cyber-goth culture to a wider audience. The movie failed to reveal the actual cyberpunk fashion trends of the era, however. Because of this, the perception of what cyberpunk fashion is is still distorted by a lack of understanding of what cyberpunk ethos is

What Is Cyberpunk Fashion?

Featuring a style that blends ‘low-key living’ with a deep understanding of the social fabric back doors and full access to technology, cyberpunk is the ultimate lifestyle that offers a juxtaposition between culture, fashion, and genre. Embedded in a dystopian urban future of science and technology, the cyberpunk lifestyle depicts humans coping with an urban dystopia. Since cyberpunk is a culture with a distinctive perception of the future, the types of clothing and costume they wear must also be representative of that subgenre.

How To Dress Cyberpunk

Despite the lack of a perfect cyberpunk style, most followers draw inspiration from the cybergoth scene. The attire is mostly black, nails are black, and hair is dark. In recent years, there has been a lot of cyberpunk fashion inspiration drawn from the Cyberpunk 2077 video game which has brought back some legendary Despite this, as we see the fashion industry catching up with cyberpunk, new designers are emerging and their statement pieces are trending. Shop for cyberpunk clothing by keeping these three rules in mind at all times

Black Does Not Mean Cyberpunk

If you want to mix and match color schemes, don’t be afraid to choose darker shades, such as shades of grey, brown, and dirty white and, no matter what, don’t use pink, green, yellow, etc.

Avoid Anything Hipster, Cottagecore, or Y2K Styles

Although there is a temporal connection, year 2000 styles have nothing to do with cyberpunk clothing, so stay away from it. For cottagecore, the same applies. If you’re in the concrete jungle of the city, you certainly don’t want to appear like a confused villager.

Functionality First

Check to make sure you’ll have plenty of pockets on your cyberpunk clothing. Make sure your zippers are more secure than Snaps that can handle heavy objects are also cool. Be sure to add hidden pockets wherever you go!

Where Can You Buy Cyberpunk Clothing?

Let’s take a look at the best cyberpunk clothing brands now that we know where the term originates. We present the top 14 online stores in 2021 for cyberpunk clothing and other dystopian styles.

The company offers a variety of clothes including cyberpunk and rave wear as well as clothing marketed as “Urban Future Wear.”. As well as attractive accessories inspired by dystopia, the brand offers a wide variety of items. My main attraction here is the low prices. I’ve checked out many online stores and this one compares to the rest. In addition, it has been somewhat challenging for me to put together a complete cyberpunk ensemble from this store alone, keeping true to the ethos of cyberpunk.

This German company creates cyberpunk clothing for a post-apocalyptic world just out of the imagination. In Knittmuskel’s unique garments, one can imagine a world where one has forgotten what has once happened or what has Clothing for those who seek to express themselves in a dark, existentially threatening world, but with hope included. Aside from that, the brand now uses vegan leather instead of materials from animal origin.

Y-3 by Adidas offers some excellent cyberpunk clothing with a modern touch of Japanese culture, as surprising as it may seem at first glance. The innovative garments, footwear, and accessories of Y-3 are inspired by both Adidas innovation and the style of Yohji Yamamoto. Y-3 is the result of both an iconic sports brand and a recognized designer’s vision. Y-3 was established in 2002 and created the fashion sportswear category – a category it continues to redefine today. Nineteen years later, the company’s signature style continues to pair engineered garments with intense performance with Yamamoto’s single-minded style and If you are interested in carving out your own inimitable cyber style, I highly recommend Y-3.

Demobaza is a distinctive fashion brand that has caught the attention of many. It was launched in 2007 by Demo and Tono. A philosophy inspired by the fusion between Bulgarian post-socialist spirit and dystopian visions, the clothing from this brand speaks for itself in its minimalist futuristic design. As the company began with a website for deconstructed jeans, limited edition styles evolved into the products available today.

The Cyberpunk clothing store Psylo, where you can find anything unusual, from absurd clothing combinations to your dream outfit, is a great place to go if you’re looking for things to wear in a dark corner. The brand’s clothes are not cyberpunk in the traditional sense, but rather clothes for personal expression and unique lifestyles that belong to global travelers, tribal explorers, surfers, dancers, and seekers of new experiences. Keeping pace with fast-fashion trends, Psylo maintains its integrity and stands out for being both innovative and sustainable. By using various elements from cultures around the world, the brand promotes ethical and environmentally friendly fashion that is bold, edgy, rebellious, and punk.

It is a store that’s been around for quite some time, but Plastik Wrap gained global recognition in the early 2000s when costumes from their store were featured in the movie Total Recall. In turn, this also makes Plastik Wrap one of the most expensive cyberpunk clothing brands on the market. Despite the fact that the brand brings out some fantastic cyberpunk styles, if you’re on a budget, you can use their designs as a

The clothes of Futurestate tend to touch more on the industrial and even steampunk side of things. Even so, if you look in-depth, you will find that Futurestate stocks a number of interesting cyberpunk torso and jacket pieces for men. The prices of the hoodies and jackets are higher than other cyberpunk brands as well, but all are out of this world.

According to its advertisement, Siskatank is a brand run by a designer with the same name which sells clothing designed to resist dystopian society. Hence the very high prices, Skika makes all of its clothes by hand, from pattern to assembly. Named after a favorite comic of the designer, Jamie Hewlett, Tank Girl pays homage to her. Some of Siska’s magnificent items of couture have also been used for Fairy Grunge clothing ensembles, to great effect. Her clothes have a sci-fi and underground aesthetic, industrial decay, post-apocalyptic worlds, and I am fascinated by giger art, cyberpunk, biopunk, and all kinds of dystopian societies in the future. What’s even cooler is that you can come up with your own cyberpunk clothing style, and Siska will turn it into a

A fantastic cyberpunk store with some fantastic items at very low prices is Immoral Fashion, an online store selling gothic and alternative fashions from Australia. Whatever your choice of clothing is, you are certain to find high quality pants, tops, and jackets here as long as you stick to cyberpunk. Likewise, you will have to spend a lot of time browsing steampunk or goth clothing, but each cyberpunk item you find here will be high quality and stylish.

‘Acronym’ is a German technical apparel brand renowned for its uncompromising commitment to fashion that functions. In its early days, the brand was known as a consulting design firm that has evolved into an enigmatic, elusive fashion brand with a laser-focused technology and a small seasonal output of beautifully At its core, Acronym is a product brand that produces ergonomic clothing with avant-garde designs and thinking blended with punk, techwear, and other cyber styles.

At the start of the millennium, Hexagon clothing brand was launched at the famous Camden Market in a bid to cater to the underground electronic culture of London. A great and friendly online experience is provided when you shop at the store, which stocks a variety of independent brands from around the world. Here’s my take on it It’s possible to find treasure among the endless rows of tribal printed t-shirts and army-inspired trousers, if you can put up with the row after row of clothes. The Jedi jacket is one of my favorites, but I wished it came in a Kimono Tron version without tribal prints

The brand is a creation of Etsy seller Eva Zolnar. It stocks some of the top cyberpunk pieces there are right now. It is a recent design by the designer, but it fits right into the contemporary cyberpunk mindset as it has an underground Some of the more intricate pieces are costly, but the smaller details and accessories are relatively affordable to get started.

Known across the globe as a world-class store that draws millions of tourists to London each year, Cyberdog is not a cyberpunk clothing store, and for Though Cyberdog has become a serious player in the rave culture, instead of cyberpunk, the store remains focused on the rave culture. Despite the huge range of clothing that this shop has to offer, from jacket pins to tracksuit pants and from bicycle boots to cosplay costumes, there is few to no cyberpunk items

Neurolab is offering cyberpunk clothing and gear that is perfect for those who love digital personas such as Second Life. Please be aware The Neurolab brand does not make clothes in real life, but it makes clothing for digital avatars that are cyberpunk in style. Providing a library of corporeal clothing from popular stories, as well as mods for video games, Neurolab has an array of cool looks and styles to choose from.


There is a tendency to confuse cyberpunk fashion with nerd fashion, techwear, cybergoth, raver, goa, clubwear, mil-spec, tactical, goth ninja, and even dark academic (nerdy) streetwear. Remember the people and cultures that stand at the origins of a style whenever you are in doubt. Come back to this cyberpunk clothing guide to get inspired by new cuts and looks, and check out our night city resources. The final cyberpunk store I’ve shared with you is something you have to learn to sew if you think it doesn’t suit your needs.

Now it’s your turn…

Would you like to say which one of these cyberpunk clothing stores is your favorite? Do you have a favorite cyberpunk source of inspiration? Can it be a book, movie, or influencer? Do you know of any other great cyberpunk clothing brands you’ve tried and would like


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