Can I Get An Original Canes T Shirt?

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Can I Get An Original Canes T Shirt?

Cane’s Sauce can be purchased uy Cane’s Sauce in a bottle? Cane’s sauce is not available in stores at this time, but if you have a restaurant nearby, they will sell you larger containers.

Is There A Secret Menu At Raising Cane’s?

A “secret” sauce exists. Each sauce is made in-house all day long, and it is kept behind the counter. If you want Texas toast, ask for “BOB”. The Texas toast alone did not stand out to me as much as it could have.

What Do Raising Cane’s Employees Wear?

A cane shirt, hood, jeans, belt, hair up, hat, and non-slip shoes are all acceptable.

Are Guthries And Canes The Same?

There are two national chains that have recently opened here, including Guthries, which is the original, and Raising Cane’s. The Texas toast at Guthrie’s is toasted only on one side, while the toast at Cane’s is toasted both ways.

Is There A Secret Menu For Raising Cane’s?

A “secret” sauce exists. You can also order the honey mustard sauce off the menu if you prefer a little more variety. Each sauce is made in-house all day long, and it is kept behind the counter.

What’s The Best Thing To Get At Raising Cane’s?

  • I have a chicken finger combo at #1.
  • Number 2 of the box combo.
  • The third sweet tea I enjoyed.
  • The fourth chicken finger.
  • The Caniac Combo #5.
  • The sixth best lemonade.
  • Number 7. Kids combo.
  • The eighth cane sauce.
  • Can You Get Extra Fries Instead Of Coleslaw At Canes?

    If you prefer, you can substitute coslaw, fries, or toast for one another, or you can add Cane’s Sauce to the meal.

    Can You Get Extra Toast At Raising Cane’s?

    On Twitter, Raising Cane’s said: “A box combo without slaw, extra toast.”.

    Can You Wear Black Jeans At Raising Cane’s?

    Answers to three questions. No, leggings or jeans are not allowed.

    Can You Wear Makeup At Raising Cane’s?

    I can wear bracelets, necklaces, and have my nails painted, but I cannot wear jewelry.

    Is It Worth Working At Raising Cane’s?

    I am so impressed with this job!! It’s not just the benefits that make this company great, but the environment as well. Culture and fun are at the heart of our mission. You will grow in many ways from this job.

    Does Canes Pay For Orientation?

    Orientation at Cane’s is paid for by the company. Orientations are paid for by the employer. You usually watch videos and learn the basic procedures of operating a computer.

    Did Canes Copy Zaxby’s?

    As a matter of fact, Zaxby’s was one of the first restaurants we saw. Our first thought was, “Oh, that looks just like Raising Cane’s.”. In 1996, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers opened its doors in Baton Rouge. There is only one main entree at this restaurant: chicken fingers. Thus, we entered Zaxby’s.

    Are Canes And Zaxby’s Related?

    Zaxby opened in 1990, and Raising Cane’s in 1996, both of which are millennial chains.

    Is Canes A Copy Of Laynes?

    Layne’s limited menu and secret sauce are similar to those found at Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, so it makes sense. Layne’s opened in 1994, while Raising Cane’s opened in 1996.

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