Can I Return A Shirt And Exchange For Size?

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Can I Return A Shirt And Exchange For Size?

If you order on our size? launches app, you can return any unwanted items for a full refund within 28 days or 14 days. We provide you with an order note, a sticker on our free returns label, and a carrier pick-up box to package up your purchase.

What Is Return Or Exchange Policy?

Merchants establish return policies to manage how customers can return or exchange unwanted or defective products they have previously purchased or received as gifts.

Can I Exchange Something I Bought Online In A Store?

If you return an online item to the store, you will have a shorter wait time for a refund or exchange. The item should be replaced with its original packaging. You will need your item, original packaging, credit card information, and a receipt if applicable. If you need to return something, you can do so in the Returns or Customer Service department.

How Do You Return A Size?

  • Include the returns form with your re-pack of items.
  • Click here to find your nearest ParcelShop drop-off point.
  • Choose the return options you prefer (print your label at home or generate a QR code to print your label in store).
  • How Do I Return To Size?

    If you purchase something on credit or debit card, it must be exchanged within 14 days. We provide a free returns label on our order notes, so you can package your purchase with the order note, attach the sticker, and hand it in to your preferred courier.

    What Courier Does Size Use?

    Depending on the weight and value of the package, deliveries will be made via DPD, DHL, Skynet or DPEX.

    Are Exchanges And Returns The Same?

    If you return merchandise, you will receive a refund. It is the same as exchanging something; you exchange one thing for another and pay the difference.

    What Is An Exchange Policy?

    Exchange policies outline the rules for exchanging purchased goods or services. Exchange policies specify which items can be exchanged and how they are handled.

    How Do You Return A Size?

    We provide you with an order note, a sticker on our free returns label, and a carrier pick-up box to package up your purchase. It is important that you provide a proof of postage when ordering. Please visit our portal by clicking here to find out what free return options are available to you.

    How Long Do Returns Take At Size?

    How big is the delivery and return?? Usually delivered within 3-5 working days.

    Can You Cancel An Order On Size?

    What are my options for canceling canceled order? It is not possible to cancel an order once it has been placed. Please post the free returns sticker enclosed in your package back to us using the link provided.

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