Can I Sell A Shirt With Stains On Ebay?

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Can I Sell A Shirt With Stains On Ebay?

It is not allowed to wear underwear or socks that have been worn out. eBay has a used clothing policy so buyers can be sure they will receive clean, stain-free items when they purchase from us.

Can Clothes Be Returned On EBay?

eBay’s Money Back Guarantee applies to damaged items, items that do not match the listing description, or items that are the wrong item. It is possible to return it even if the seller’s return policy states that they cannot accept returns.

Can You Sell Non Working Items On EBay?

If you list your items on eBay, you are allowed to sell reproduction, liquidation, damaged, or bulk untested items, so long as you are transparent and conscientious about it. Make sure you clearly explain the item’s condition.

Can A Seller On EBay Refuse A Return?

Here are the steps to declining a return. In the event that the buyer changes their mind and returns the item, you cannot decline the return. Your return policy states that you cannot accept returns. Click on the Returns dashboard to decline a return.

Are Returns Allowed On EBay?

If an eBay label is available, we will typically accept return requests and provide a return shipping label to the buyer who wishes to return an item. If the returned item is not received within two business days, sellers can request a refund or ask eBay to intervene.

What Items Cannot Be Sold On EBay?

  • Only adults are allowed to vote.
  • The use of drugs and paraphernalia.
  • The export of goods and countries that are embargoed.
  • A variety of firearms, weapons, and knives are available.
  • The government, transit, postal, and official items policies.
  • Materials that are hazardous, restricted, or regulated.
  • Activities that encourage illegal activity are included.
  • Devices that can be locked.
  • What Is Acceptable Condition On EBay?

    If you have any questions, please contact the seller. It is acceptable to say that the item is obvious and significant wear, but it is still operational. If the VHS/DVD box is torn or damaged, it is likely to be a hole.

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