Can You Tailor A Dress Shirt Collar?

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Can You Tailor A Dress Shirt Collar?

Is it possible for a tailor to mend a collar? You cannot really rely on a tailor. The collar button might be moved a little bit, but more than a fraction, it will throw the placket off-center. You will simply bunch the collar if you tighten your tie.

Can Dress Shirt Collars Be Altered?

If you already have shirts, you can easily adjust them to fit better. An experienced tailor can shorten the sleeves of a dress shirt by up to two inches. It is easy to replace the collar of your shirt, although you may have to accept a white collar if you want to keep it.

Can You Alter Dress Shirt Neck Size?

In order to reduce the size of a shirt, the individual’s neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, and arms are altered. During the tailoring process, it is possible to tailor a single area or multiple areas.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Dress Shirt Tailored?



Price Range


Shorten sleeves at shoulder



Take in sleeves (make them slimmer)



Take in shirt (make it slimmer)



Shorten shirt length


Can You Reduce A Collar Size?

Collar. In order to ensure the collar fits properly around the neck, a tailor checks the individual buttons on the shirt, including the top button, to ensure they are properly positioned. To reduce the collar size, the collar fabric must be removed, a larger seam must be sewed, a dart must be created in the shirt fabric, and the collar must be reattached.

Can You Get A Neck Tailored?

If you’re concerned about showing too much décolletage, or not enough, a tailor can help you adjust a neckline by adding fabric, removing collars, or turning a basic V-neck into a plunge worthy of carrying around.

How Do I Make My Shirt Collar Narrower?

According to ChristieMoeller, the hack involves folding the collar of the shirt in a “wave” pattern and then soaking it in ice water after it has been soaked. You then iron out the collar and let it dry naturally after wringing out the wet collar and unfolding it. You should be able to use it as soon as it’s dry.

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