Can You Wear Non Issued Boots At Fort Gordon Ait?

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Can You Wear Non Issued Boots At Fort Gordon Ait?

In southwest Georgia, near Augusta, the fort is located. The following staff members are available for duty: + (762)206-9019 or + (762)206-9037 Staff Duty COM: + (706)787-7858 Soldiers in AIT should bring two sets of casual civilian clothing, shaving and hygiene materials, towels and washcloths, and

Can You Wear Different Boots In The Army?

There are five types of boots available, each with its own style, so personnel can choose the one that is more comfortable for them.

What Boots Do You Get Issued In Basic Training?

As a first step, recruits are issued the Hot Weather and Temperate Weather Army Combat Boots. As part of the recruit clothing bag, the Army Uniform Board manages these requirements.

Can You Wear Civilian Clothes At AIT?

During this phase, IET soldiers are not allowed to drive POVs or wear civilian clothing. Tobacco products are not allowed to be used by IET soldiers. The final phase of OSUT (weeks 4 through 9 of AIT or weeks 14 through 19 of OSUT). There will be only one off-post pass per day.

Can You Bring Your Car To Army AIT?

Privileges during BCT and AIT are covered under TRADOC Reg 350-6, Table 2-1. The OSUT does not allow Soldiers to drive or ride in a POV or rental on graduation day or Family Day, except for those who are in training from week 21 onward.

Can You Bring Personal Items To AIT?

In AIT, soldiers should bring two sets of casual civilian clothing, shaving and hygiene supplies, towels and washcloths, and military-issued clothing. When a Soldier reaches Tier 1 status, he or she is authorized to use a personal computer, tablet, cell phone, or other electronic device.

Are You Allowed Off Base During AIT?

AIT soldiers will be divided into different phases during the event. There are some locations where soldiers can go off-base, but they must submit a request for an off-base liberty pass when Phase V begins. Soldiers’ ability to go off-base will be determined by their performance.

What Boots Are Allowed In The Army?

As long as the boots are between 8 to 10 inches tall and made of tan rough side leather from cattle hides, with a plain toe, and with a soling system similar to tan upper materials, the Army COTS boots are authorized.

Can You Wear Dark Coyote Boots In The Army?

In lieu of Army combat boots (tan or coyote), soldiers may wear optional boots, as authorized by their commander; however, they do not replace issue boots as mandatory possession items.

Can Army Wear Black Boots?

Black leather boots with a plain or capped toe, and a black rubber outsole are required. In lieu of the standard issue black combat boot, soldiers may wear optional boots; however, they do not replace possession issue boots as mandatory items.

What Do You Get Issued At Basic Training?

The trainees are given haircuts and are given uniforms and gear upon arrival. During this phase, the trainees are oriented and taught soldierization skills, including Army Core Values, military customs, and courtesies, as well as drill and ceremony.

What Shoes Do You Get At BMT?

Trainers are provided to all trainees at BMT upon arrival. In any case, if you choose, you will be allowed to wear running shoes that have been properly stored and in good working order.

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