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Both Cody and I worked multiple jobs and a lot of projects overlapped between us. Luckily, one of the things we have learned together is how to make the most of the time on hand On the work and planning front, we always have a weekly meeting to go over our goals, schedule, and plans for the upcoming week, whether it’s at our house or at a new place we’ve There still seems to be an issue with disconnecting from our other jobs at that time. 


Recently, Cody and I purchased a Movado Bold Motion, Engineered by HP smartwatch that lets us unplug for a short period of time without going completely off the grid. We can set our own priorities and alerts on the smartwatch so that we know when we are getting texts or calls from family, the babysitter, or work calls we are waiting for. It’s so cool to see it light up, I’m always excited to see it. I’ve found it so much easier to stay focused and utilize our planning time together when this is the case. A boyfriend watch has always been one of my favorite styles, and this one is both stylish and easy to wear from a busy day to a night on the town. In addition to staying connected, this smartwatch is definitely one of those fashion pieces that have a double duty by keeping an eye on important updates and allowing you to make the most of your 24-hour period.


ChengSeptember 17, 2021


In spite of the fact that I enjoy shopping for myself, I probably buy more things for my daughter than for myself. Isn’t it just so darn cute how little kids fashion is The following are a few different outfits that I chose for different occasions and are always my go-to outfits for B.

A pair of over-the-knee boots is an essential item for your fall and winter wardrobe. These Stuart Weitzman shoes are literally my favorite – I own them in a variety of 

I have outlined 3 easy ways you can wear your favorite over-the-knee boots this fall

When worn over denim Over-the-knee boots look great paired with denim, which is a safe bet for pulling off this look. Add a cozy oversized sweater to dress down flat boots for a perfect fall look, or add heeled booties for a more dramatic look.

For shorter hems, follow these steps There’s nothing better than a casual sweater dress or a skirt made out of suede during the Over-the-knee boots look and feel great even in the arctic cold and even provide some warmth – they are just wonderful with shorter hems, saving you from wearing tights or pretending your bare legs aren’t freezing.

Outerwear Of Your Choice Since fall is my favorite time of year to wear clothes, I’m reluctant to take them off when I can finally pull out my favorite layers. You can wear over-the-knee boots with everything from capes and ponchos to trenches and pea coats to make a statement and complete your fall look. Below you will find a few more of my favorite Stuart Weitzman boots. The way you wear them is really important. How do you like to style

It gives me great pleasure to share some of my favorite looks from one of my favorite shops! A feature that I really like about Intermix is the fact that they have a lot of my favorite designers like Self Portrait, IRO, Alexis, and so on, but the pieces they carry are mostly some of the unknown, unique items that aren’t easily found anywhere I think that this Self Portrait top is a perfect example of that! Aren’t you in love with this top? The moment I discovered it was one of those major moments! My fall wardrobe isn’t complete without a few beautiful items that can liven it up. I know you all know I especially love a good neutral piece. The following is a list of 4 ways to stay fresh and interesting with your looks this fall. Dress in layers – Jackets, scarves, and sweaters are a no-brainer but you shouldn’t stop Adding the metallic top under the lace created this unexpected peek-a-boo effect. The layering trend is also making rapid gains this season, whether it is a tee or a blouse, denim trousers or wide-leg trousers under your fall dresses.

Statement pieces – The only difference between a wardrobe of basic pieces and a wardrobe of basic pieces is the You will add interesting details to your look without being overwhelmed by it, so your fall staples can easily balance it out. I’ve always loved ruffles and lace, and I love them even more when they’re paired together, so I knew I had to have this top as soon as I saw Ruffled sleeves are such a pretty detail on this top, and you can wear it with a leather jacket and jeans to liven up the look. In addition, I got this dress from Intermix (they have the best statement pieces!). Every woman should have a statement dress in her closet! This is also one of my favorites.

Despite the fact that I have more neutral clothes than not in my closet, a pop of color is essential for every fall wardrobe! You can opt for monochromatic or stick to the varied shades of the same tones if you want a more sophisticated look. (This is also a great tip for transitioning from pastels to darker colors this fall. These two colors are a feminine and fun palette this season!) And, you can’t go wrong with the traditional colors of fall either. It’s just so amazing how this dress has an off-the-shoulder neckline and I love this flirty print mini dress!

A lace, leather, or velvet design might be used as a texture These are just a few of the things I love The rule of texture is more is always more. Making sure your look is textured is a sure-fire way to stand out. 

That was so good! I really like this ankle strap option as well. The next few images are a few of my favorites from Intermix – I love the way they display their goods. You can find so much inspiration in the looks they crafted!

My flight clothes are always up for grabs – you might see me in sneakers and joggers or heels. As long as I’m not running late for the airport (haha), it’s usually the later. A lot of times, if I have work meetings for the day or can’t make it to the hotel to change for the day, it’s the later. I’m very happy to be able to wear jackets and sweaters now that spring has finally sprung. Although the weather has dropped so much here in Utah it really feels like fall, even if it were 85° outside I would still wear them anyway! Thanks to the change of seasons, I’m wearing them again even though it’s 85° outside! A suede moto jacket was one of my favorite purchases of last year, so we had to include it in the From our latest collection, this is one of the best. This sweater is so beautiful and fits so perfectly! That is why it works with jeans and tees for travel styles, as well as a pretty sweater dress or shirt dress for date nights.

He looks so cute in his mini speedo! (it is difficult to tell in the picture, but it is like the last chunk of his baby plumpness. They have so many cute patterns here!) It’s so cute how his little speedo still shows off his cute little thighs! The swimsuit is actually a swim diaper, but I just wore it as a swimsuit instead.

This was the most swimming I’ve done outside of a swimming pool in maybe 5 years! There are no sharks in Greece, so I don’t know what else to do except to swim! that this is so pathetic. However, it was really fun to remember how it was to be a teenager when you did not think twice before you stepped into danger.

Water is their home. The kids could basically live in it! We hear There is always a fight about leaving – and the reasons are Five more minutes!” “Just 5 more minutes!” It’s just a matter of a few more!”

We visited Mykonos this summer as the third stop on our family trip. Before we got there, I didn’t know much about it. The pick was actually Cody’s – I picked Santorini and was sure there was nothing that could beat it, but I fell in love even more with Mykonos! It’s all about the beach for us, and even though Santorini beaches were all rocky, it was great to see Mykonos beaches because the beaches there actually had sand so it made for a fun day at the beach. The best beaches during our trip were Super Paradise and Pink Beach (although Cody still believes the beaches in Hawaii are the best). actually share the same cove, but are regarded as separate beaches because of their different names. Taking a walk along Paraaga Beach was another great experience. The beach was great for massages and the fruit they served was amazing!

Regardless of how much time we spent at the beach or on the deck, sunscreen was a necessity. Take it from me, never skimp on SPF! I wish I had taken better care of my skin when I was younger! This sunscreen stick is a big hit with me (and B, too, he wouldn’t stop using it The portable sunblock is easy to carry (and never makes a mess) and makes applying sunblock to the kids so simple. We can make sure they get full coverage by applying it to their face without worrying about it getting in their eyes. They also don’t get it in their eyes with it on their face. My love for Jessica and the Honest brand is well known to all of you. We’re working on some exciting projects together! Today, I am teaming up with them to give away a sunscreen bundle and 30% off the first month’s essentials bundle with this ERROR

HF30. I seriously cannot believe how cute their diapers are and so many other things we use in our home every day.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Our party mode has kicked into full gear since we returned from California! Our son’s birthday is on Monday, so we’re going to throw a party for his friends on Saturday and a family party on The day and hour until Wes’ party keeps coming up, so he keeps asking when his party is. This was one of my favorite outfits from New York Fashion Week. My discovery of each of these pieces came at a totally different time, but having tried them on made me go OMG. It looks as if Gucci has an amazing new designer and all their pieces are out of this world! There is no doubt a designer piece is an investment, but the attention to detail they put into them makes them so special. The look I envisioned was a mix of grunge and feminine to give it a “tough meets glam” vibe. An appliqued denim jacket contrasts perfectly with the lace detail of this dress. With a pair of leather ankle boots, you can complete the look with a denim jacket, which is a great casual layer for you to transition your favorite fall dresses into the season. This boot has been in my closet ever since I bought it. Since then, I have been wearing them nonstop with everything from dresses to jeans. I definitely splurged on them, but they will continue to make a wardrobe statement for years to come. I’ve put together a list of similar pieces below so you can recreate this look on a budget!

There is no better time of year for fashion than fall! Finding budget buys makes it so easy to refresh my fall wardrobe because I get so excited to try all the latest styles. Ruffles have been on my mind a lot lately and I love the way they’re popping up in this season’s fashions! There is nothing better than an olive green blouse for under $50 (also available in blush) when the ruffle detail makes it seem much more pricey than it actually is. In addition to this nude satin top (under $50), I love this silk shirt in white- such a great neutral! As one of the fall trends I am most excited about, velvet is another great choice. The velvet booties I just got are black and I want them all in different colors. They’re perfect heel height and a steal for Now through Sunday, Nordstrom is offering triple points on select fall pieces for a limited time, so there’s no better time to stock up on your favorite fall pieces. Here are a few of my picks for the moment

My skin care routine gets more and more important as I get older. The beginning of my career would have been better had I My face would have had a few fewer wrinkles, but it’s better to do it In reading this article I was recently informed of all the negative effects your excessive cell phone usage That’s a lot! Although I know I am not the only one, it seems like everything I do is connected to My phone is always with me. I regularly check texts, emails, social media, etc.. Sometimes I honestly feel guilty about it, because I am too attached to my device. In the work world I feel like I am working 24 hours a day, and I have had to set timeframes so I can try to manage my life. Otherwise the day just slips by and I am not even aware of

There are so many of our favorite tech devices that affect our body in negative ways, from our phones to tvs to computers, etc. But, hey, let’s face it, any extreme can be bad for our bodies, so here are a few of my guilty vices and some ways to overcome

Spending a lot of time watching your favorite Your favorite tv show is just one episode away from releasing a new season on Netflix, so it might take a miracle for you to pull yourself away after 30 minutes of sit-down watching. But your metabolism slows by 90% after 30 minutes of sitting. It is natural for your metabolism to slow down as you age, so don’t try to hurry it! You should do some crunches or squats while watching “Next Episode” if you are going to press “Next”.

All day long, you’re glued to your phone Approximately 221 times a day, the average person looks down at their phone. (And I might be twice as many, working from home, and relying on my phone more than anything!) Looking down so much throughout the day can cause tech neck, those annoying lines and wrinkles on the neck, but, since I need my phone so much for work I cannot There are specific products designed just for your neck – the skin on your neck is thinner and has fewer oil glands so it has a higher tendency to age. I always thought you should use any skincare product you apply on your face as well on your neck, but you do not have to. Using this Strivectin neck cream for my neck has increased skin elasticity, which has helped smooth out those annoying horizontal lines in my neck. light and hydrating this product is – my skin felt so much softer, and my wrinkles seemed to have been softened.

An overview of your social media activity each night Counting sheep might seem like fun at night, but it actually has the opposite effect. Playing Candy Crush before bed stimulates your brain, making it harder to fall asleep – have you ever been up until 2 am because your brain won’t slow down to wind down? Dark circles under your eyes and puffy eyes are things you want to avoid if you can kick that habit quickly.

We are all working, we are working, we are working, we are working Even though you’re bound to your desk job or your laptop all day for work, you can’t avoid being hunched over your phone or computer all day! The bad habits you develop now can cause long-term posture problems in the future, so choose ways to accomplish your work without compromising your You may also want to elevate your computer screen (a good chair helps!)

The problem is not knowing when it should be turned It is no secret that staring at a screen all day can cause a number of problems for your vision, such as dry eyes, eye strain, and astigmatism. Why do this before you actually need Do not be afraid to disconnect and take a break from your electronic devices.

Whenever Fashion Week rolls around, it is a whirlwind of events. As busy as last year was, I think this year will be one of the best for me. My usual visit to the beach is for a half-week since I hate being away from my family for longer periods of time. This year I went with the intention of taking it easy, spending more time in the bath, and enjoying sleeping in. No, haha! That didn’t quite happen and don’t get me wrong, I really do love what I do! It was just a crazy couple days for me. It is exciting from a fashion show perspective to see the newest collections, meet designers, and hear about inspiration behind the collection. It is also fun to watch the people-watching on the streets of NYC, where there are I am so inspired after reading this!

There is nothing worse than having a busy work trip! The following are a few things that I find essential in order to survive the rush

Travel pillows that are good. They always tease me about carrying my pillow on the plane with me (don’t forget to bring a clean pillow case Nothing will ruin your trip more quickly than a bad night’s If I don’t have a travel pillow and a window seat, I’m not going to sleep on a red-eye flight to New York Fashion Week. If you don’t plan on a red-eye, you never know when your flight will be delayed, leading to a five-hour layover in place of your 45 minute layover.

This mask is for the face. In addition to a face mask, I always pack a travel sized lotion to help restore my skin The perfect ending to your night leaves you feeling refreshed and confident as you prepare for the rest of the week. This one is my favorite.

Bathing for a long time. I always make sure to take a long hot bath or shower after landing or arriving home at night, no matter what time of day it is. The best way for me to unwind at the end of the day is to sit with my book

Hair products that are right for you. Traveling dehydrates me to the point that my skin, hair, and body are all drier. In order to prevent my ends from looking dry, I always have my Nexxus Promend leave-in split end cream on hand. Be sure to research the climate of the place that you’ll be visiting as well as to pack appropriately! The humidity in New York always makes my hair frizzy so this Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist saved my hair. The mist also gives your hair a natural hold so that your hair style will hold from the first cup of coffee to the last bite of The dry shampoo is another staple in my bag (this one smells amazing!) Sometimes skipping a hair wash is worth it if you can hit the snooze button a couple times.

The top can be worn in two different If you pack efficiently, you will always bring items that can be used for more than one purpose. You can’t go wrong with this tailored button down, and the scalloped detail takes it to the next level. You can wear it with a blazer and trouser suit for meetings and pair with a wide-leg pant for a date night or networking event.

The shoes you wear for walking. This is an item that even the most formal of business meetings will be suitable for! Putting on a comfortable pair of shoes is a must when going on a business trip. The shoes should say “no nonsense” but should also be able to move easily. stylish boots – they have a low heel which is going to make a big difference when you are on block 5 and they are as put together as they were when you started.

I wish you a very happy Monday. All the best to you all over the long The Halloween collection is about to launch and I am SO EXCITED! I love celebrating Halloween since it feels like a transition into fall and one of my favorites. A new design is always one of the most exciting parts of the process for me. I am so excited to share with you all this ‘Boo’ tee, one of my favorites and a chic way to get ready for the holidays. Our kids’ collection is just as cute too – how cute is B in his matching shirt?! Visit the collection here to see the whole collection.

I hope you all have a great Sunday! The weekend brunch is one of my favorite meals – nothing beats a good breakfast on a Sunday morning, It can be just as enjoyable to prepare your own tasty breakfast on those relaxing mornings at home. The following are some of my favorite savory and sweet recipes that I have found over the years. You can find more ideas on my Pinterest!


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It can feel pointless at the moment to put effort into your accessories when they’re a few people to show them off to. However, as with all aspects of our dress, it is important to remember that you are dressing for yourself not other people. Wearing a bright pink bow or adorning our fingers with rings in the shapes of skulls might not have passed in your work environment but you can get away with them at home. In fact, being at home means that if we want to wear our dinosaur hat all day long then we can do so without fear of judgment. So, I implore you to spend this time experimenting with your weird and wonderful accessories in the freedom of your own home. To help I have compiled a list of six of the current hottest accessories brands.



It is no surprise that Accessorize made this list, it is named after all for its range of accessories. This high-street staple produces bags, hair accessories, and jewelry that are on trend at affordable prices. Their sister brand Monsoon focuses on fashionable clothing, so at sites where their shops are combined, you can find accessories that perfectly match your clothes allowing you to buy your entire outfit in one go. Their pieces appeal to those of any age, with some items specifically targeted for older or younger customers. So, no matter your age, you are sure to find the hottest accessories for your generation available.



No matter the year or season, Gucci will always be on-trend. The brand was created by Guccio Gucci and is based in the city of Florence in Italy. Whilst they do produce clothing, their main focus is on accessories. If you can afford their high prices, then their world-famous handbags or golden belts are must-haves. Their pieces are iconic yet timeless so can be well worth their high price tags. Their recent collaboration with North Face has ensured that not only are their items durable they are also practical.



Blackshore is a British coastal clothing company that offers a range of handmade designer bags, the most famous of which being their canvas duffle bags. They are made in the local style of Norfolk, using the same type of canvas found in boat covers which makes them waterproof. Their unique style mixed with sea proof practicality helped to win their place on the Make It British’s list of top 30 British made bags. So, if you would prefer to support more locally independent companies instead of worldwide brands then why not spend your money on a well-crafted handmade item from Blackshore instead.


Audemars Piguet

Accessorising isn’t just for women. There are plenty of brands dedicated to accessories that cater to men as well. Audemars Piguet is a high-quality fashion brand that specializes in watches ad clocks. The company was founded nearly one-hundred-and-fifty years ago in Switzerland, so they have had plenty of time to perfect their craft. Their quality watches have become a must-have for any professional gentleman.



As stated earlier, we can use our current time at home to experiment and explore accessories that might have gotten us strange looks if we were to wear them in public. EMP is a website that has merchandise from various brands from Disney to My Chemical Romance. They have many fandoms to choose your accessories from including Marvel and Star Wars, and they are always up to date with the hottest TV shows and bands. They also do unlicenced items that cater to a more gothic or grunge look if that is more your style.



They might not appear to be the hottest accessories to older audiences, but when it comes to popular accessories for children and teens, Claire’s always has it covered. Whether the latest trend amongst tweens is to wear massive rainbows in their hair or earrings in the shapes of fuzzy pompoms, Claire’s will have it stocked. If you have children in your family and you are unsure of what to buy them, then you can be assured that anything you buy for them from Claire’s will be on-trend, however garishly so.

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Vaping. It is the trend that has swept over the planet in full force. No matter how people try to push back against it, people continually invest in their vapes. It seems like only yesterday vaping had just emerged, riddled with cautious voices crying out against it and people saying it would never catch on. But those voices are now being drowned out and the nay-sayers are quiet. Vaping is here and it is here to stay.

But how does vaping go from being a simple smokers alternative, designed to help people quit, to being one of the biggest industries on the planet. Alongside it also being one of the biggest fashion trends of the 21st  century. Today we are going to do a deep dive on vaping, examining its early years and looking at its eventual rise into fashion icon history.

Humble Origins

Vaping was born out of the ever raging battle against smoking addiction. Smoking is one of the biggest killers on the planet. With proven studies showing its clear links to a number of heart and lung diseases. And, of course, the correlation between smoking and cancer is undeniable.

And yet, despite millions dying from smoking-related illnesses every year, smoking remains legal. This is due to the big tobacco companies having enough money to lobby for laws to stay the way they are. But this battle is where vaping comes from.

Starting out as E-cigarettes designed to give a nicotine hit to the user to help them ween off of cigarettes. Here is something you may not know, the nicotine in cigarettes is addictive but it isn’t actually the worst part of smoking. It is all the dangerous chemicals inside the cigarettes, mixed with the act of inhaling smoke, that causes the most damage. Nicotine still has a number of mental effects that make it horribly dangerous.

So E-cigarettes were a cheaper, safer alternative to smoking. But the issue was this early tech was cumbersome, ugly, and unresponsive. So it went largely ignored for a long time. Until we finally got the first proper Vaporiser.


Vaporizer technology was nothing new. Used in a lot of fields from the sciences to medicine and everything in between. But when Vape companies finally released the first batches of flavored vape juice, combined with nicotine, all bets were off. Early adopters flocked and began vaping everywhere they could, leading to a lot of memes and jokes about people who vape.

But eventually, the trend picked up. In relation to its impact on smoking, it did help a lot of people quit. Being able to slowly ween themselves down on their nicotine intake was a valuable tool. But for some people, it was a doubled edge sword. Their nicotine intake now doubled as they could vape inside and smoke outside.

And technology only improved. Soon people were making their own vape juices, exploring exotic flavors. People were getting custom vapes and vape accessories. People began vaping with delta 8 thc and various cbd oils as well. Vaping was seeping into a lot of cultural areas.

Fashion Trend

One day vaping finally hit America in a huge way. Juul pods started surfacing, mini vapes that could be easily concealed, and the lovely flavors associated with vaping made it very enticing for the younger crowd. And then came TikTok.

A wave of influencers would parade themselves around, flashing their vapes for the world to see. And their audience lapped it up and, wanting to be just like their idols, millions began vaping. Suddenly it wasn’t just smokers that were vaping. People were buying non-nicotine based vapes and simply vaping for the flavors. It had become an area all its own.

Soon many fashion icons, aside from the TikTokers, started vaping proudly in public too. Further pushing that vapes were now as much a fashion icon as they were a tool to combat smoking. With companies creating new and exotic flavors every year and the vaping community growing by the day, it seems vaping is here to stay. We have even seen vaping conventions popping up, where people go to compete in blowing smoke, discuss and trade and just be with other vape enthusiasts.

A Dangerous Trend

It would be negligent to look at all this and see it as just a positive. In fact, we would go as far as to say that this may be one of the more dangerous trends to appear lately.

Medically speaking there is little evidence that vaping non-nicotine vape liquid has any negative health effects. Some hospitals have claimed that odd-viscous liquid has been shown to form in the lungs because of it, but these claims are anomalous.

The big danger has come from the influx of young people now vaping. But you might be thinking, where is the danger if the juice is nicotine free.

Smoking addiction is more than just nicotine. It is the lifestyle attached to it. Any smoker will tell you the social aspect of it is what kept them smoking for so long. Vaping could be seen as a gateway to smoking. Or a way to easily get nicotine introduced into their lifestyle. Not to mention vaping is an addictive activity in and of itself. To have so many teenagers now addicted to this lifestyle is not encouraging at all.

But we might be worrying needlessly. What do you think about it all? A welcome fashion trend, or a dangerous sign of the times?

KristinAugust 3, 2020


The striking shine of a necklace and the bold appearance of a solid monochrome bag cannot be overlooked. Just like it is said, ‘’fashion is incomplete without an accessory’’. Most women swear by this statement. Fashion is definitely incomplete without accessories that bring out the real you. Different women are hooked into various sorts of accessories. It is not always the earring that you will find useful. Sometimes, a minimal accessory decked on your body does the trick.

But are accessories important? Yes! They are! Each accessory has its own meaning and completes the outfit you are wearing. It not only compliments your personality but uplifts your charm even more. A slight mismatch can sometimes bother you and make you feel incomplete. Therefore, wearing the right accessory is crucial.

Steps to choose the right accessory:

It is important to realize the efficiency and importance of an accessory. Women’s fashion is constantly evolving. Most young girls and ladies are equally vocal about their fashion needs. Each piece of accessory strikes the balance with the outfit you choose to wear. Therefore, here are some tips and the basic steps that will guide you on how to choose the perfect accessory:

  1. Accept the bling

Accessories for women comprise of different types of amazing items like jewelry, scarves, bags, etc. For completing your look, an accessory is a must. Therefore, the first tip that is always considered a blessing is to add some bling. Avoid wearing too much shimmer at one point in time.

If you wearing a dress that’s sparkly, do not accessorize with more than two items. If your outfit is simple, feel free to choose an accessory that gives instant bling. This will also make you look more fashionable.

  1. Wear your colors

If you are wearing a scarf, or for example, new earrings, think of keeping it simple as far as possible. Never buy an accessory that is either too big or small. This will make you look incomplete, in spite of the fact that you are wearing them. Choose your own colors and feel free to experiment. If you have your earrings on, skip the neckpiece and vice-versa. Also, when wearing a scarf, let your collar show. Do not hide your outfit with the scarf as that is just complete misuse of your accessory.

  1. Go nude

Nude is in fashion these days. Whether it is nude lipstick, eye-shadows, or bags, the color nude can complement any outfit that you wear. But, in some cases, lets your nudes shine out. If you are wearing a colorful outfit, try to pick a nude plump or stilettos. The contrast will make you look more attractive. You can try the opposites too, like wearing a light-colored dress and wearing a bold shoe.

  1. Keep a statement jewelry handy

Statement pieces can never go wrong. Avoid buying a piece that you cannot manage or seems uncomfortable to you. For that eye-catching appeal, you must buy a piece that can help you get better compliments. Therefore, always buy pieces that are precise, simple, yet sophisticated.

A butterfly locket or a platinum neckpiece not only adds a subtle glow to your face but makes you feel complete. These pieces are excellent and can go with any kind of outfit you choose to wear for the day.

  1. Bags are necessary

Having a good bag or just a decent bag collection is important. If you want to stand out of the crowd, let your bag shine out too. Good bags are an essential part of your accessory collection. Tote bags, bucket bags, or shoulder bags are some of the best types that every woman should have in her closet.

You can carry these bags any time of the day, to your workspace, and even for late-night parties. Also, a clutch bag as an accessory is best for young girls, who are just learning to get their accessories sorted out. A bag will rightly complement your outfit in the best way possible.

  1. Shoes and more shoes

You can never go wrong with shoes. Shoes are the masterpiece of your accessory collection. From nudes to bolds, each shoe comes with its own charm that cannot be messed with. While picking up a shoe, choose colors that you love. Follow the trend and also go bold.

On one hand, if you are wearing a light-colored outfit, think of wearing a pair of shoes with contrasting colors. Avoid too much pastel at once, as it can disturb the whole look of your outfit. Check some trends going on and try to incorporate and match your ideas. In this way, you will have a beautiful combination and all thanks to your accessories!

  1. Rings are the best you can choose

Rings are incredible and mark a shift from traditional accessory pieces. Nowadays, it is quite common to wear a ring on all your fingers. But one tip that will help you here is to avoid buying too large ones. It is good to wear one big ring on your finger, but not on all of them. Instead, buy sleek and beautiful rings that are small in length. This will give a better visual appeal and make your hands look beautiful!

The final thought:

Believe it or not, but an accessory is an essential part of women’s fashion that cannot be neglected. If you love to keep it simple or go over the top, each piece delivers an incredible charm that never goes unnoticed. If you think about it carefully, each accessory is unique in itself. A small ring, the choker, and even the bold neon shoes- each one of the attractive women you are!

On the whole, you can choose to wear any kind of accessory you like based on your likes and dislikes. Plus, you can readily follow the trend of new styles that can match your outfits and make you feel special. Accessories will never fade and its aura will remain forever!

KristinAugust 2, 2020


Kaizen is a Japanese term for continuous improvement. Continuous improvement plays a vital role in everyone’s personal life. Building a culture of continuous improvement is quite easy. But for that, you need to have an open and broad mind. Many institutes are offering the same culture on pen and paper. However, bringing the thing into practicality is far more difficult. So, how can you imbibe the culture of continuous development in your organization without being a dictator?

However, the answer is not as simple as you think. It takes years of hard work and good leadership to bring this culture. However, once it is imbibed, you need not worry for generations. This is one of the pillars the operations of an organization are based upon. Striving for excellence should never decay. While many organizations opt for drastic changes, small changes over a period help a lot. Bringing a sudden change in an institution affects the morale of the stakeholders. While some may show disappointment, some leave the organization. This is because adapting to a whole new system at once takes much effort. But the same people will feel comfortable if you introduce changes gradually.

So, here are 5 steps to building a culture of continuous improvement and nurturing it forever.

Strive for the end goal

Continuous development is not the end but a journey. It is a journey to the end of the road and that should be your end goal. So, before you implement the culture, you should have a clear goal. Now, goals are always changing based on the needs. But you should have a clear-cut goal in your mind. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the initiative has an end. Many companies implement a process to follow with a goal but eventually changes the goal based on the status quo. The ones who survive and thrive are the ones who have a clear understanding of the goal and how they want to achieve it. Rest all follow the herd and find their performance to be stagnant.

So, for effective implementation, you should ask the following questions. This question will give better clarity to your understanding:

  • Key performance indicators of the company – what they should be and how to achieve them?
  • Status quo – what is the current state and where you want it to be?
  • Annual targets in terms of revenue and potential.
  • What behaviors do you want to promote in your organizations?
  • Current core competencies of your team
  • Future expected competencies of your team
  • Type of leadership you want in your company

Once you have figured the answers to these questions, you can jump on to the next step for building a culture of continuous improvement.

Communication of the goal

The most important aspect before implementing is proper communication. You need to communicate your goals and vision to the employees. This provides your employees to receive a sense of belonging and accountability. While this is a great way to refine your targets, it also helps in sorting employees. An organization will only move forward if they share the same vision and mission. And continue to work together to achieve them. It is essential to put the goals in writing as well. This will allow everyone to have access to the mission and little scope to deviate.

Design a framework

Continuous improvement requires a process. A process details the steps to be carried out by every individual and an organization collectively to achieve a target. If you take a look at the Toyota Production System, you will find the world’s finest example of continuous improvement. In Japan, they call it the “Kaizen” principle. Kai stands for continuous and zen stands for improvement. This ideology is prevalent in every Japanese organization where they strive for betterment. Thus, Japanese companies have thrived better in the international market. That’s because they were never happy with the status quo. Some other aspects of Japanese philosophies of continuous improvements are – Plan-Do-Check-Act and six sigma certifications.

Aware your employees

Spreading awareness is very important as continuous improvement is not a natural phenomenon. Educating your employees is an effective way to empower them. This helps you to embark on your journey to the ultimate destination. There are several tools to help to educate your employees. Some of them are visual management, Kanban, and 5S. These techniques are readily available on the internet. However, there are specialists available as well to provide the course and certificate upon completion. This training and education help your employees to align with your ideas for improvements. The training will also help your organization to create leaders to bring together like-minded people on board with your goals.

Help employees to actively participate

Active participation is the essence of continuous improvement. Change is everybody’s responsibility and everyone should actively participate in it. The main reason for any organization to implement continuous improvement is to work the process. If the employees are not willing to participate in the process, their subordinates will also not follow. The major issue the organizations face is the intent. Some of the employees will show negative intent. They will either leave the company or won’t follow the stated processes. Whereas some employees don’t understand the process well. Thus, you must make them aware of the changes and your expectations.

This needs to be stated very clearly so that they can pass on the knowledge to their subordinates and adhere to the process.

So, these are the 5 simple steps to inculcate the sense of Kaizen into your firm. You can always start small and heap up with time. But you need to make sure that you don’t rush into things very soon. It is always recommended that you understand the concept of continuous improvement very well before implementing it.

Lastly, we would like to state that you shouldn’t lose hope. You will find many difficulties in implementing your thought process. But you need to have the communication skills to make your team understand why this process is required. And why everybody needs to follow that.

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