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Daniel Radcliffe

Although Daniel Radcliffe’s disability is something that affects him internally rather than externally, his battle with dyspraxia throughout his career and how he overcame it as he grew to make him worthy of a position on this list. Radcliffe’s condition is something that affects the brain’s functionality with things like hand-eye coordination and some cognition and is not to be taken lightly, throughout his career Radcliffe often found himself frustrated during filming and there were times where he really struggled. However, thanks to his ongoing work on overcoming his illness Radcliffe has been seen looking pretty stylish over the years. At many of his red carpet appearances, Daniel can be seen rocking a very smart look often wearing a suit and tie, this timeless look and his various takes on it make him a style icon in the disabled community.


Warick Davis

Another actor who has made various appearances on Harry Potter as well as hit sci-fi classic Star Wars who is a great style icon of the disabled community would have to be none other than Warwick Davis. Davis was born with a rare form of dwarfism but this didn’t stop him from achieving an amazing movie and television career, from a young age Davis had his heart set on becoming an actor and when he found out about Star Wars auditions in his area he couldn’t be stopped. After playing the role of an Ewok, Davis went on to play two roles in the Harry Potter franchise as Griphook and Professor Flitwick. From the high profile roles that he has played it is no surprise that he has made some appearances at some flashy events, Warwick looks good for his age and has a clear sense of style. He even hosts his own game show now and I have to say he is looking pretty sharp.


Justin Timberlake

It isn’t actually well known that Justin Timberlake was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder very early in his life, and the fact that his condition is not well-known shows just how strong a character he is. Timberlake is a very well known singer and he has had many successes in his life, from playing at high-end events to walking on the red carpet. Timberlake also has a very unique take on fashion and his retro style is something that cannot be replicated by anyone else. When discussing his condition Justin talked about how living with OCD has changed his outlook on his career and his fashion, his precision and need for things to be perfect has come in handy in fashion appearances as his unique outlook really shines through.


Nicki Lilly

The next fashion icon whose bravery and happiness shines bright even throughout the many battles her condition has brought around would have to be Nicki Lilly. This British YouTuber is one of the youngest people to win the various awards that she has, including the Pride of Britain award, she suffers from a rare form of arteriovenous malformation which has caused this brave young woman to have over seventy major operations. Throughout her journey, Nicki has always been commended for her bravery and positive outlook on life when she has had so much more to deal with than most people at such a young age. Nicki is worthy of the title of style icon due to the fact that she is so creative when it comes to her online beauty videos showing her in fashionable and well-constructed looks. Nicki has done a huge amount of charity work in her life and at just sixteen years old it really is commendable, from raising money online to providing spielzeug für behinderte kinder there is nothing that can stop this amazing young woman.


Katie Piper

Katie Piper’s story started in a very negative situation when she was subjected to a cruel and very serious acid attack by her ex-boyfriend, the attack left her blind in one eye and her face was severely damaged. After major reconstructive surgeries and a groundbreaking procedure to help her recover her vision, Piper wasn’t going to let this get her down. After coming out of the shadows and telling the world about her story Piper has been seen at many high-profile events over the years and it must be said that she really is a natural beauty. Whether it be on the red carpet or at the launch of her new book Piper is really showing that she has a stylistic flair to her looks. Piper is a huge charity worker and has real consideration for smaller organizations out there that may not get as much attention in the media, when hosting charity events it is likely that you will see Piper looking very glamorous.


Aaron Fotheringham

The final style icon in the disabled community is one that is not necessarily recognized for his fashion but it has to be admitted that this person really does have style. Aaron Fotheringham is one of the world’s best wheelchair skaters, his best work consists of him defying gravity in a series of flips and tricks all whilst in a wheelchair. Steep ramps and huge jumps don’t even faze him and the fact that after several failed hip operations that left him confined to a wheelchair he is the daredevil that you see today makes him worthy of his “icon” status.

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As there are different kinds of people in the world, the level of diversity is likely to get changed in every sector and field. In the business world, many elements can benefit the business because of diversity. Different kinds of people working in the same place can complement each other and make them a better person at work and as an individual. There are different categories of diversities that can be included in the workplace to bring positive elements with them.

Advantages of cultural diversity in the workplace

When cultural diversity is brought in a company or business, there has to be an improvement in the quality of work and performance of the workers. Following is the elaborate version of the benefits of bringing cultural diversity in your workplace:

  1. Feeling of togetherness

With more and more changes in the field of cultural diversity, the disputes regarding them have also increased everywhere. It has become a very sensitive issue because everyone is getting affected by it and taking it in the wrong sense. The first benefit of bringing cultural diversity in the workplace is to make the employees feel more united with each other because they are going to be working together. This will also teach them to take diversity in the right way and respect each other. When the employees work together, the performance of the company or business is likely to grow drastically.

  1. Improved productivity

With cultural diversity, the ideas and skills will get better and more in number. Every person has a different set of skills in them; the work will be done quickly because different kinds of people will be using their skills and mind into one project. At the time of choosing a team to lead a particular project, the manager or employer should keep the diversity element in mind. As people from different backgrounds are coming together to work on the same platform, the innovation level is guaranteed to improve. The feeling of belonging to different communities can push the employees to bring out the individuality in them. This will directly improve productivity in the workplace. No matter what problem is in front of the company, it can be solved easily because of the diversity in their mindset which has improved because of cultural diversity.

  1. Improved performance

When the employees are getting a comfortable and stable platform to work, the work quality of the employee is likely to improve. Most of the workplace performance is dependent on the employees because their work is the base of every increase in the level of performance. There is no barrier between employees which will reduce the conflict to happen between them. They will focus more on their work which improves the reputation of the company or business. With the help of cultural diversity, the employees will not hesitate in telling their ideas out in the open which might give chance to everyone to talk about their ideas.

Challenges occurring in the workplace due to cultural diversity

As modern time has begun, people are becoming more accepting of each other’s views and opinions. They respect the background and culture of the other person and try hard to not hurt their sentiments. Below are the challenges that happen when you decide to bring cultural diversity in your company or business:

  1. Communicating

The employees contact with each other using the language that they are both comfortable for communicating. Even a little mistake with communication can change the entire conversation between two people with different cultural diversity. Not everyone has a common way of communicating with other people. They can choose the way which feels comfortable for them. If one person is not able to express their feeling or emotion with another person, miscommunication can enter and make everything worse. As employees of a reputed company or business, they cannot talk about work without having difficulty in communicating. For becoming friends outside the work, it is very important to communicate. Without communication, it is very difficult to pass the information in the company regarding the work or other things.

  1. Understanding each others’ culture

The concept of culture is different everywhere. There are some people whose lives revolve around their culture while there are some people who just belong to their culture for the sake of belonging. If cultural diversity is getting introduced in the workplace, the employees and other members must give respect to other people’s cultures. The sentiments related to culture and religions are very sensitive and can become a major issue instantly. If the employers and members are planning on bringing cultural diversity in the workplace, they should make sure that every culture gets the same respect and attention. A slight change in respect for any particular culture can damage the sentiment of the person. Even the smallest issue can become big in no time. Employers should not discriminate among different cultural people. The best advice is to ask questions directly to the person whose culture is a bit complicated so that they can teach you well about their culture. This will make the level of conflict less among the employees or employers.

  1. Employee training

After the company has been established, the members should be sure about the introduction of cultural diversity in their company. This will help the selection committee in choosing the right candidate from different cultures. Different programs are happening in a company for the future benefit of the company. Whether it is for the existing employees or interns, training takes place to make sure that the people are aware of the workplace and rules that should not be forgotten at any cost. When different people come from diversity in their cultures, it becomes very difficult to teach the base and foundation of the company.

The process of employee training will get completed after a lot of problems and resources that include different kinds of cultures. There should be communication between the employees and employers so that anyone can educate the other person about their cultures which will not hurt their feelings.

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