KristinJuly 22, 2021


If you are someone that has a passion for fashion, then you have probably considered opening up your own boutique. Being a shop owner can be an exciting prospect, but there is no denying that it can be a difficult task. 

These days a lot of clothing stores that open up to the general public have a very low survival chance and if you are someone that lives close to any shopping malls then you may have noticed that a lot of clothing stores quickly disappear. If you want to run a successful boutique, then your best chance of survival is setting it up online. 

Online stores have a much better chance of survival and also have lower running costs, which means that you don’t have to worry about getting into financial debt, but running an online business still has its own risks. Here is a guide to running an online boutique. 

Planning your Boutique

Just like owning a real life boutique, a lot of planning needs to go into making sure that your boutique looks good and operates well.  One of the main parts of making sure that your boutique operates well is making sure that you have a well designed website. If someone was to walk into a real life boutique, they wouldn’t purchase anything if the facility was a mess. This is the same for your website and if your website does not look good, then people will be unlikely to buy from your boutique. 

We recommend deciding on an overall theme for your boutique, as this will make designing the page and purchasing your clothing items much easier.

Building Your Webstore 

One of the first steps to ensuring that your online shop is ready for use is building the actual webstore. Now, if you are just a standard business owner then you may not have received the training for creating your own webstore and for this reason we recommend that you employ someone who has plenty of experience in webstore building.

You have to make sure that your webstore works effectively as this is the main way that you will source your income, so if you have any problems with the website then you could potentially miss out on days worth of profit. For this reason we recommend that you have regular diagnostic checks to make sure that your website is in working order. 


As well as having someone that maintains the general running of your website, we also recommend that you employ a web designer to ensure that your website always looks good and up to date. 

Establishing A Payment System 

When it comes to payments on an online store, it is not all as straightforward as it is in store. There are a long list of things that can go wrong when it comes to payment systems online and so you need to make sure that you have a secure payment system set up. 

You can use a third-party e-commerce service such as Shipbob, but if you haven’t heard of Shipbob then you may be wondering, is shipbob a good ecom fulfillment service? We recommend taking a look for yourself and examining whether or not it fits your website. 

If you are someone that wants to keep it simple, you can go for simple bank transactions. We recommend pushing a Paypal to check out as there is more reliability in Paypal than other transaction sites. 

Boosting your Brand

When you own an online business, you do not have the luxury of someone just stumbling into your business and checking it out. For this reason, you have to make sure that your branding is as effective as it possibly can be. We recommend setting up a social media page as this is the easiest way that you can get your brand out there. 

Making a social media account means that you can speak directly with any potential customers that you may have. It also means that you can keep everyone up to date with what is happening with your brand, which will make your customers feel as though they are more involved with your company. Social media also offers the chance to promote your posts, which will only get your brand out there more.

KristinJune 10, 2021



Unless you are someone that isn’t particularly interested in the ins and outs of fashion, you have probably stared at yourself in the mirror and wished that you dressed better. It has happened to the best of us, as for whatever reason, many of us are incapable of purchasing the clothing items that we would love to wear, or we simply do not know what we would want to wear at all. 

For a lot of us picking out an outfit is no easy task. No matter how passionate you are and how much you care about what you wear, not all of us were born with the natural ability to be able to style and put together our own outfits. As the more romantic time of the year is approaching, those of you that are stylistically challenged may be worried about what you will wear on dates or go out. Here are 7 romance-inspired outfits perfect for passionate dressers.  


The Strawberry Dress 

Something that took the world by storm last year was the strawberry dress. This dress made all of the girly girls out there revert back to their childhood dreams of wearing a beautiful floaty dress. It wasn’t just the style of the dress that lured us in, but the pattern that was used. This dress has a delicate light pink strawberry lining that is the epitome of cute. If you are someone that wants to let their hair down and enjoy a girly day out, why not look into purchasing the strawberry dress. 


Fall Romantic 

Fall is the most romantic time of year. This is the time of year when you can cozy up with the person you love and go on romantic dates. Fall also means that you can dress up in comfy clothes. It is hard to argue that fall clothes are not the most fashionable of the year, so why not put together a cute jean and comfy jumper combination that will be perfect for your upcoming fall dates. 


Cute and flowery 

There is nothing more romantic than flowers. If you are someone that loves romance core, then you need to have a signature floral look in your closet. If you are a girl, you can match a cute floral skirt with a plain top or vest and if you are a boy, why not add a floral shirt to your lineup. Floral looks are extremely cute and if you are someone that loves to take an Instagram picture and you were lucky enough to receive a rose bear this year, then you will be able to take some cohesive pictures. 


Tailored suit 

Now there is nothing hotter than a tailored suit. No matter what your gender is, there is nothing more attractive than an outfit that fits like a glove and if you get the chance to get your hands on a slim fit suit, be sure to. Anyone that wears a suit instantly looks like they are making much more effort than they actually are, so if you plan on heading on some dates or out on the town in the next few weeks or months, be sure to pick up a suit. 


A Tight Delight  

Though some of us are hesitant to show our bodies off, it is hard to argue that anything looks better than a tight-fitting dress or shirt. Dressing like this oozes confidence and quickly allows you to create an attitude that makes you extremely appealing to people, even if it is not an accurate representation of who you are as a person, we could all use an occasional confidence boost. 


Cottage Core 

If you are someone that likes floaty dresses, tea party-style outfits, and timeless fashion, then you will love cottage core. Cottage core outfits are the epitome of romance, even if that is not the intention of the people who style themselves. There is an association with the clothes that you can find in the cottage core category that instantly reminds us all of the beloved fairy tales and romantic stories from the past. If you love comfy clothing and effortless fashion, then you would love cottage core. 


Gothic Romance 

Who says that romantic dresses have to be all flowery and pink? We could not finish this list without remembering those of us who love to dress a bit more on the dark side. Even if you don’t want to conform to the usual looks associated with romance, it does not mean that you have to forget romantic looks entirely. You can take any classic ‘romance’ outfit and add a splash of black. In fact, the strawberry dress that we previously discussed comes with a gothic sister, which is a black dress covered in light yellow moths.  

KristinMay 10, 2021


The world of fashion involves so many things that it’s hard to keep up with all the details. If you’re an aspiring fashionista then you’ll be really interested in how to get into the field, what the latest trends are, how you can make your mark in fashion and how to get into the best fashion shows. On top of these exciting things, there is so much more you must consider when your dreams of a job in fashion are starting to become a reality. Working in fashion involves long days, lots of overtime, stressful weeks leading up to fashion shows, and even legal issues like how you copyright your work as there is no worse feeling than your designs being stolen or being sued for creating a design too similar to someone else’s. Even accidentally copying another designers’ clothes can cost you your reputation in the fashion industry.  

What is Copyright?

Copyright is one of the main ways for an individual to claim their work as their own and prevent others from copying it, it declares that something that is your own intellectual property. This gives you ownership over whatever it is that you’ve copyrighted whether that’s a design or a product and the legislation is dealt with under the Copyright, Design and Patents Act. Copyright comes up automatically when someone thinks up something new, for anything to be copyrighted it needs to be original and the owner will need to have used skill to create it. If you’re in fashion and you’re having some trouble wrapping your head around how copyright works with clothes then you might want to get in touch with a lawyer. If you’re a lawyer who’s looking for new cases then you may want to consider leads in the fashion industry, legal leads are extremely important to lawyers so you can expand your search by finding leads in the fashion industry too. 

Can you copyright clothing designs?

The simple answer to this is that some clothing designs can be copyrighted, but in many cases, they can’t. Anyone involved with the law will know that it is never that simple, whilst there are rules put in place to try and simplify it there are always several exceptions to these rules, this is the case with copyrighting clothing designs. As clothing is often so similar is has always been a difficult task for judges and lawyers to determine to what extend clothes can be copyrighted. The law around copyright isn’t put in place to make creators rich but rather to encourage more creativity, this is the only way that things advance in any field and if everything were copyrighted then things like medicine would be much less advanced than they currently are. The main rule for fashion is that clothes can’t be copyrighted as in the eyes of the law their main purpose is to provide us with warmth and allow us to meet the public standards of decency.  

The Main Exception

It seems very simple at first, as the main purpose of clothing is to keep people warm it does not fall under the copyright act as the need for people to have clothes outweighs the need for a designer to be able to copyright their work. This gets more complicated when you consider that there is an exception to this that states that features that can be identified separately from the aspects of clothing that are useful can be protected by copyright. In simpler terms, this basically means that if part of your clothing was taken off the clothing and it met the requirements for copyright then this part of your design can be copyrighted.  

There have been some famous examples of this. There was once a long case about whether the design on a belt buckle could be copyrighted, the question that was asked to decide did the belt buckle also has a visual function to it, one that is separate to the use of the buckle holding the belt together. It was found in court that yes, it does, and this set a precedent for most sculptured designs like jewelry.  

KristinAugust 3, 2020


The entertainment and media industry has been transforming consistently with many new kinds of content that everyone is creating, latest subscription models, and extensive ways of funding the projects within the entertainment industry. In terms of consumers, the idea of consuming content and enjoying entertainment has changed drastically. The first epicenter of all these disruptions is the unique idea and bunch of Digi-tech, which is inclusive of the digital magazines and websites, which help the entertainment companies and media enterprises reinvent and offer a wide variety of products for the entertainment of the consumers.

In this digital era, entertainment and media companies reap the benefits of digitated tech to engage customers and offer them different platforms for engrossing the information they receive through these entertainment platforms. Because of this, many new initiatives have been taken, which are summarized below.

Multifarious Content

The creators of digital magazines and website contents are have started to engage with consumers across several channels. You can publish any interview from TED talks on digital magazines, or Twitter handles to initiate interest. In contrast, the entire meeting has the potential to get hosted on the TED website or YouTube channels. Generally, the people encourage the users to share the media and post comments with trending hashtags to generate more interest on social media.

Personalized Ads and Content  

Amazon and other platforms are using unique algorithms to understand the preferences of content deeply. It is to provide customization of the content according to the consumer’s consumption behavior. Because of this, they can curate ads, and other materials instead of the ads run wildly to the consumers. It is possible due to digital technologies, which is not possible with traditional print media.

New Consumption of Business Models 

Conventionally, the media houses sell magazines and newspapers. They are shifting to subscribe to online newspapers and magazines. Initially, when they introduced cable TV, consumers needed to buy the entire range of channels even when they do not watch them. The emergence of digital providers offers more curated ads and content complementing consumer behavior, thereby allowing consumers and service providers to save money.

Smarter Advertising

The big media houses and companies are now leveraging the AI technology and data analytics to create smarter ads without making conventional product placements. They use the changing demographic trend and earlier buying habits to create the ads astute by placing it precisely where consumers are likely to visit and buy it. Some platforms offer training on placements of ads based on professional profile, interest, and earlier buying habits of consumers. The practice also provides skills to draw out content relevant to consumers.

The unfolding of Digital Channels

With the propagation of Smartphones and other digital devices like tablets, the options for Digi content have been ever increasing. Entertainment companies and media houses are noticing the trend, and it reflects in their advertising spend. By 2023, they expect that the marketers will spend over 50% of their budget on advertising on digital magazines and websites. It means that mobile devices are engaging the entertainment and media houses, which has originated from 1.8 hours a day in 2014 to 4.5 hours in 2019 and 5 hours in 2020.

The Prime Disrupting Technologies Reshaping the Media and Entertainment Industry

Machine Learning

The algorithms of Machine Learning are widely used today by media houses to understand consumer consumption trends and also to evaluate the impact of the change in patterns and consumer behavior across different demographics. All the curated digital content on digital magazines based on such analysis. You can push most of the interviews and clips are formed based on insight received from machine learning and artificial intelligence that help media houses predict consumer likes, and it has a higher chance of generating revenues.

Artificial intelligence and Big Data Analytics

Data Analytics and AI technology are the two crucial differentiators for entertainment and media companies. It allows them to evaluate the impact of several business models, the efficiency of advertising across multiple channels, and orchestrated content across different channels.

Mobile Applicaitons

these are widely used by media houses to offer content to mobile users. With the increasing usages of mobile phones and other devices, every content provider and entertainment company is now opting for the best mobile apps. Even popular magazines have their mobile apps through which consumers consume content, and this leads to revenue generation via subscriptions.

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Media and Entertainment Industry

Factually, there is a transformational consequence of Digi-tech in the media and the entertainment industry, but you enjoy many other benefits with the digital transformation.

Cost Optimization

With digital magazines and websites, the entrainment and media industry optimizes the advertisement cost and promotion. There is an increasing trend in the consumption of digital content, leading to more advertising expenses on digital websites and magazines. As a result, it has lowered the cost of advertising as compared to traditional channels. Machine Learning and Data Analytics allow the media and entertainment companies to offer curated ads to targeted audiences, resulting in more systematized spending of the advertising budgets.

Pellucid and Efficient Customer Experience

Equip with the best Digi-tech and optimize the customer experience, and this will help you offer a more open and tailored user-experience. You must focus on professional design and commissariat content for better and increased consumer’s demand for content

Revenue Models

With an emphasis on customer-centric services, the entertainment and media companies are looking to create carefully-selected content always while offering tailored services for consumers to consume. Increment in digital subscriptions to digital magazines and compound product sets has resulted in higher revenue generation.

Transformation in terms of the digital market in the entertainment and media industry is the flourishing trend, and itis likely to offer a competitive advantage to these industries. Nevertheless, many challenges are yet to follow the industry, but the expectation of more such technological advancements within the industry, which would change the way we entertain today. So, stay tuned and check for the latest trends and technologies in the entertainment and media industry.

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