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Some people venture into the music scene with an excellent skill set, but they are not able to get across the line. They are not able to put together their work and monetize it. For every artist, irrespective of their domain, it’s essential that they finish their work. You should not search for 5 tips to help you release more music, more often; instead, you should seek tips which counter your limiting habits. If they are doing it professionally, they should be able to make money out of it. Many great talents struggle at this front. There are so many reasons for their struggle. Most of their problems arise out of their approach, what they make out of them as an artist.

Most of the artists think this is something only happening to them. They hold themselves responsible or think they are not yet prepared. They end up saving bit-sized idea but don’t execute them. Ideas pile up, but when they look back, they see nothing or very little as a finished product. There is a pattern to this behavior, and so many music artists become a victim to this pattern. In short, it’s a behavioral problem that anyone can solve. But to solve this, you need to go to the root of the problem. Find what’s holding you. So, let’s try and find those usual patterns which so many artists from flourishing and attempt to answer a way out of them.

The everlasting desire to achieve perfectionism

We, the human race, are a product of evolution. We evolve from committing mistakes. And in the music scene, there is nothing like perfect composition. There is always room for improvement in whatever you create. If you are chasing perfection, you may be heading in the right direction; because the job of the artist is to pursue excellence and create something which resonates with other people. At the same time, finding an audience should be the last thing an artist should find. If your work resonates with you, you should pursue it; Irrespective of the popular opinion.  Popular opinions one of the most significant limiting factors for the artist, and they should never pay heed to them.

The limitation of time

Many artists who are not yet doing it professionally doing it say they are not getting enough time. But there is no such phenomenon called “enough time” exists. Time is a depleting asset that you can’t reclaim in the future. It would help if you did not let time constraints limit your art. Many artists buy into the philosophy that they will release their whole album, as when time permits.  If you are also stuck with this philosophy, you need to renounce it as soon as possible. The art of music is never about perfection; you should let your to be in the open, as it comes. The organization is not a trait of music. Once you start doing things, do organize by themselves.

The ecosystem

Many artists think that they don’t have a support system to launch their music commercially at scale. But in this day and age, even if you don’t have professional equipment, you have the quality to serve. It’s a matter of time when you will own everything you need. Music is an art that people consume in all forms. Many artists only make raw music and publish fresh music. If your artwork is natural, don’t be afraid to post on open to all platforms. Put your art right there, monetize it. Today you have what no other generation in the past had. You have the easy access to masses, and that access is mostly free. You can make use of that scale and start your journey.

Always remember, the music artists hardly have the perfect ecosystem. But the history of music tells us, it can flourish from everywhere. The tradition of music is such nothing can contain it. So, everyone who thinks that they don’t have an ecosystem to thrive as a musician needs to revisit.

The battle of complexes

When it comes to art, even the best feel complexes, it’s not just the trait of music artists. It is great to have a functional analysis of yourself. But it would help if you did not think to the level where you go on a self demoralizing spree. Sometimes, it is natural to have complexes. But those complexes should not limit you.

It would help if you had confidence in your art; you don’t need to think about the talent pool of the world. If you have that in you, there’s always room for everyone. As you start finding your feet in this long ocean, the complex will also fade away.

The bubble of the tomorrow

Some artists think the following day will bring something more exciting and end up leaving the job to tomorrow. That is nothing but an interesting way to procrastinate. It would help if you did not discredit your present idea. Instead, it would help if you treated your current plan as the best idea. Great artists not only preserve their ideas but also respect their opinions.

The earlier you get out of the bubble of tomorrow, it will help your art. If you hit an idea, work on it. And you will start to get confident about your skill.

Many creators fall prey to social media and industry trends. The popular opinion is not always the right opinion. There are no five tips to help you release more music, more often. It’s the game of countering your limiting habits with a comprehensive and pragmatic approach. Also, you should seek confidence from day one.

The faith and belief in art take much more than the effort you put a particular week. Yes, you can find satisfaction—the satisfaction of doing your art that you always wanted to pursue. And if you follow your instincts, and counter your limiting habits, you won’t have to seek satisfaction. It will come naturally.

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Musicians are available everywhere, but accessing the publicity and support required to launch a career in the music industry can seem challenging. The music industry always values popular musicians and music, thereby making it challenging for new artists and musicians to have their newly launched music heard. Participating in music contests may seem to be a long process, but the benefits it offers outweigh the investment even if you are not the winner in the contest.

The music contests are often organized by organizations in association with popular music companies. The exposure you get by participating in the contest is valuable because your music and songs will be heard finally by the group of people and industry. If you manage to become the winner in the contest, then the benefits are massive. Apart from the exposure and grand prize, you will also get a chance to kickstart your career in the music industry, while signing an agreement with some popular music companies.

Music contests are more than just participation and winning the grand prizes. The contest plays a crucial role in nurturing and unlocking the natural talents of the participants. It also gives the participants the much-needed platform for maximum exposure and allows them to express their artistic and creative skills. Music contest has a greater significance as it has life-changing effects for the new artist and singers.


By participating in the music contest, the participants can unlock their natural abilities and talents in music. The contest offers budding artists a platform to showcase their experience and skills in different genres and forms. By participating in the contest, they can also test and evaluate their creative ideas in a risk-free way, while allowing them to grow and learn as budding artists. Music contests are also considered as the best investment for futu5re success as a music artist.


The music contests are organized to motivate young artists and help them develop new and creative skills in music by giving them a chance to access modern talents in the field. In the contest, they can monitor and observe their peers’ work and performance, and it allows them to analyze and assess their methods and outcomes compared to other artists.

Being a competitor in the music contest, analysis, and feedback from experienced judges is important for self-evaluation and course correction. Moreover, winning the grand prize or acclaim it is the priceless motivational tool for the artists, and it helps them to kick start a serious attempt to make a career in the music industry.

Broader Outlook

In the music contests, the artists get a chance to meet new like-minded people and hence they often make good friends with their peers that last longer. Meeting new people from other regions and demographics offers the aspirants a chance to develop creative ideas and broaden their outlook within the industry. In many cases, music contests offer competitors ample opportunities to travel to new places and closely monitor the world’s different cultures. All these opportunities can prove to be a life-changing moment for the competitors who aspire to become creative artists with new ideas, and their new ways of thinking would be deeply cherished for a lifetime.

Develop Right Attitude 

Participating in the music contest enables the participants to develop the right attitude towards their music career in the music industry. It enables the artists the challenge themselves and move forward from their specific comfort zone to face the tough competition. Gradually, the participants start considering the music contest as more than just winning grand prizes and losing. They start appreciating their experiences and smart moves to become stronger and better musicians in the future.

Consistent self-motivation and learning help them become a successful musician in the industry. With these music contests, they can also instil all these habits for a successful career in music.

Capable of Facing Challenges

Music contests often challenge the artists or participants in a specific domain, genera or area of expertise. So, if you are the kind of musician or artist looking for cut-throat challenges in the field, then look forward to participating in the intriguing musical contest that would be right for you as a musician. The music contests always hold the appeal in their grand prizes, but the unique creation of the songs and music is never a loss for the participants or artists in the contest. The challenges to fulfil or meet the requirements of music contests equip the participants and artists with the necessary skills and creativity required to successfully navigate the professional music industry.

Learning More Requirements about the Music Industry

As a musician, you are required to learn all the eligibility and requirements in the music industry. By participating in the contest, you can learn about the requirements for formatting, submission and written requirements required to be taken seriously in the music industry. Participating in the competition will give you the insight, especially to those who desire to enhance their knowledge and excel in the music industry. Getting discovered is the end goal of all artists, and it can only happen when they apply and participate in music contests.

Lastly, participating in the music contest and winning the grand prize makes for a greater imprint on the budding artists’ resume and musicians when applying to school. It also acts as the stepping stone that paves the pathway for a greater future as a musician in the music industry. Even if your work is not recognized and you are unsuccessful in bringing that grand prize home, you must not fret. There is no major loss because of all the growth and challenges that every artist experiences when competing in music contests. The benefits and skills you develop after the contest is something that outweighs the losses and investment. Whether you win or lose the contest, you are likely to develop creative skills to help you become a successful musician in the industry. When you get a chance to participate in music contests, apply and take part to hone your skills and become a successful musician.

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Beyond the definition

Every art form that exists in the world has something to hold beyond the eyes and simple definitions that run on the internet. Music is one such field. In a layman’s language, music can be defined as an activity done in the medium of sound with varying factors like pitch, rhythm, texture, etc. that differentiates the voice of one musician from another. But it beholds things beyond these words. Starting from the godly depiction of music to the purposes, varieties, and styles of music all across the globe, you would find a lot of interesting facts behind this seemingly simple art form.

The upcoming content discusses in more detail about the interesting and mesmerizing facts about this universal language.

Shorter life span

Got shocked by reading this simple caption? Then hold up, because one research as per the University of Sydney claims that the average life expectancy of musicians is shorter than the normal by 25 years and includes factors like heightened energy to perform on the stage and dark side of the fame for the reduced period. All of these factors have been validated after a detailed analysis of the kinds of deaths- suicide, homicide, accident, or natural that have come to the musicians from 1950 to 2014.

Dopamine effect on specific songs

Even the excitement, sadness, or heightened emotion that comes up when you come across one particular line of your favorite song’s lyrics has the answer to science. It is caused only due to the release of dopamine by the brain that induces this sudden excitement and it further stems down to the explanation of why people resort to music during every high and low moment of their life. In other words, it can be framed like music holds the key to people’s emotions.

One art that utilizes the entire human brain

Yes, you read it correctly that music is one of the rarest activities that require the utilization of the entire brain and involves cross-functioning of different nerves and areas together in a go. When someone listens to the music, the auditory sense of the ears transmits signals to the brain that cause neural activities in the emotional and creative sectors of the brain. This is the scientific explanation for why you can find several celebrities stating music as their source of inspiration for any exceptional creativity.

Mozart had more sale in 2016 than Grammy winners

Sounds a bit weird right that how an 18th-century musician achieved this feat in today’s time where the Grammy winners take over the jukebox like anything! This was one such move from Universal Music Group to boost up their sales, where they decided to commemorate the 225th death anniversary of the famous music composer Mozart in the year of 2016. They released box sets of 200 discs each and even released the contents on the online streaming platforms. Suddenly people started liking the old classic music and the box office crashed like anything- Mozart crossing charts and the boxes getting out of shelves. Even Amazon also started reporting stock-out options.

226 guitar strings in an hour

Musicians are magicians within themselves and hold the power to do anything and everything with their musical instruments. They get so accustomed to those that any end moment alterations that need to be done before the performance is completed within a swish. In April 2018, Thomas Silkman proved this out when he changed 226 strings of his guitar in an hour and proved it out that changing guitar strings is not a tedious job if you have the right intent. This set up a new world record and got quite a media fame and limelight.

Plants also respond to music

If you think that only humans are influenced by music, then you are mistaken because plants respond and also show positive effects when they are exposed to light and soothing music. As per the researchers of South Korea, they conducted tests on the rice plants by exposing them to 14 musical pieces and found the results of their faster growth when compared to a non-musical environment. They proposed that the genes of the plants have an innate ability to hear and respond to the musical sounds.

Music beats mimicked by the human heart

Whenever you hear any music and you like their beats very much, you would be elated to know that your heartbeat also mimics those and you can find a similarity in the ECG pattern and the music beats pattern when you are scanned during music listening. This has been confirmed after scientists tested on 24 volunteers for the activity and found that their heartbeats, blood pressure, and respiration are highly stimulated by the musical atmosphere induced around them.

Metallica to be the only band in 7 continents

In the year of 2013, the famous band of Metallica earned a position in the Guinness Book of World Records as the first and only band that has performed in all of the seven continents of the world. Along with the normal tours and concerts that they organized in different nations of the six continents in a year, they got their streak completed when they finally performed for a group of 120 scientists at the Carlini Station of Antarctica. Such an effort and passion of the musicians is highly commendable.

Never-ending fame of Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley might have become old-fashioned with his career peaks gone in the age of 1960s. But still, he holds the record of being the highest-selling artist with 1 billion sales of his albums and records and thus is the best solo artist to date. This shows that fame is not that transient as everyone thinks it to be and sometimes it can last even after death.

A soothe for Parkinson’s and stroke patients

Such is the power of music that it has also invaded into the field of medical science. As a part of therapy, the patients of Parkinson’s disease and strokes who have been paralyzed are exposed to stimulating music that organizes and channels up their neural networks. It also influences their speech and brain motor skills and hones them up to accelerate the process of coming out of their daily struggles and obstacles.

These are just 10 few drops amongst the vast ocean of amazement that music has to offer. One can always refer the web to learn more and more interesting anecdotes on the music.

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Music is something that is enjoyed by many. People love listening to music online, on CDs’ or go to concerts. However, it is quite easier for the audience to find good music through various sources. But, it may not be that easy for the musicians. They tend to face a lot of competition these days, as there are a lot many budding musicians and bands today than before.

This is the reason why there is a need for proper marketing techniques and strategies to be in place. Proper marketing channels will help to reach out to a larger crowd effectively.

Some of how an independent band or musician can promote their work is discussed below:

Professional website and logo

These days a lot is going on in the entertainment and digital market. New talents are rising, older ones are already there: all this is making it more competitive. Therefore, a musician must build a presence in the field.

A good professional website is the first step to build an online presence. It can be used to reach to give good content to the fans and followers. Also, make sure to have an exciting logo of the music band or one music brand. The visual element of a pogo makes it more appealing and identifiable for the fans.

Make only great music

One of the biggest mistakes that many musicians tend to do is that they release even a subpar album or music. Yes, a musician tends to spend a lot of time developing and creating a piece of an album. But, more important that increasing fans is to not lose the already existing ones.

Bad music can do bigger harm musicians when early in the career. Be a self-critic and only release that music which one has full belief in. if a track is bad, then do no release. It can ruin the growth of a new budding musician.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many more. All these are the best platforms for a new and rising musician or band to engage with their fans. People like engagement and they want to know what their favorite musician is doing. Also, this generation is busy finding new things on social media channels.

Therefore, this is the best chance for a musician to make their social media pages more active and exciting. Utilize social media pages to talk to fans, make an album track viral, have a live session, or premier the new album on social media.

Keep gigging

One of the golden rules for any musician is to connect to the audience through live acts. So, if one wants to bring in more fans and followers, they must take up live gigs every time there is an option.

Play in clubs, open mics, street fests, events, other musician’s events, and venues, etc. Choose those places where there will be more fans and listeners of the same genre which one plays. Also, be regular with gigs in the same places. This will make the audience more aware of the band.

E-mail marketing

Yes, musicians too can make use of this very effective digital marketing tool. Collect as many email addresses as possible. Make use of the website, and give out chances for the visitors to give their email ids. Tell them to sign up for newsletters, offer them freebies, etc. to take their email ids.

Now using these emails ids, one can reach out to the fans more effectively. Create emailers that can attract the reader’s attention almost immediately. Through these emailers inform the fans and subscribers about new events, gigs, concerts, albums, etc.

Promotional gifts

Another very effective marketing strategy that is been used for years now; is promotional gifts. Get some promotional gifts created for the audience. These can be anything like drinkware, pens, t-shirts, caps, etc. add the music bands or the albums name and logo on it.

One can distribute these gifts to the fans in the audience. This can help in promoting the band to the larger crowd. Also, who does not like gifts! At times, these gifts make the fans connect to the band on a more personal level.

Start blogging

Blogging has time and again proved to be a very effective way to make some loyal fans and followers of a brand. Therefore, every new and bidding need to invest in a good blog of theirs.

An informative blog is very helpful because it shows that musicians have a huge knowledge of the field. This makes the visitors more intrigued by the band and their music. One can use the blog to post reviews, news, and happening of the music industry, some basic info about the music world, etc.

Get a publicist

Sometimes working alone may not be enough and one might require help from a professional. This is where it can be quite helpful to hire a publicist. They will help in bringing the music brand the kind of attention they deem fit.

They will help with press releases, in getting into print media, get interviews, and get more popular venues for live gigs.

Collab with other music businesses

One of the very popular ways to tap the larger audience base and get noticed is by working with other music businesses. Make the marketing more prolific by reaching out to other businesses like radios, DJs, Music websites, and other musicians.

As these businesses tend to have a larger fan base, it can be a great opportunity for one to increase their fan base.

Albums covers, posters and flyers

Well, many tend to only keep their efforts in marketing to digital media. But, many are not on social media or are not very hands-on with the internet. But, the latter group is also a potential fan base, and it is important not to ignore them.

Work with some designers and get catchy posters to be put up on various parts of the city. Distribute flyers as well, as one may not know when they catch a curious follower. Also, if one is planning to release their CD’s then it better to give it an attractive and catchy album cover. This will attract shoppers’ attention at the store.

Final words

Being a musician is not easy these days. One needs to start working on their marketing strategies from the very start. This will give them a boost in the market, and, will help in reaching out to the audience much faster and is a more organic way. The marketing strategy should be a good mix of digital media, print media, live gigs, and lots of thoughtfulness.

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It started with a snotty kid in junior high and ended in a major-label record deal. When Charlotte Sometimes was bullied in middle school, she took out her anger by writing a poem about the brat who was mean to her, which turned into a song. “My dad told me that no one really wants to hear me just sing my poems. He said, ‘You should probably get a collaborator,’” says Charlotte, whose stage moniker comes from a children’s book of the same name. “I was like, ‘I’m not gonna get a collaborator, I’m gonna do it on my own. I’m gonna play guitar and write songs,’ and he’s like, ‘OK.’” And so she did.

The song she wrote about the jerk in middle school certainly wasn’t the last Charlotte penned about a guy — her May 6, 2008, Geffen Records debut, Waves and the Both of Us, has plenty of them. But the feisty pop album also has a number of contradictions, much like the 20-year-old herself. Onstage, Charlotte usually wears an apron, which she says is a nod to Samantha from Bewitched. The infamous TV character had to decide what kind of woman she wanted to be: homemaker or breadwinner, powerful or passive. “I always thought how interesting of a concept it is to be the woman with all these great things about you, yet you still want to downplay the things that make you exceptional, for a guy,” Charlotte says.

Applying this to her own songs, Charlotte says she juggles between being strong and opinionated and wanting the guy to come back to her. In “AEIOU,” she sings about a creepy guy who hit on her and chased her down the street, and then in “Toy Soldier” she wants a guy to take her back. “I think every girl feels that way, even if they don’t admit to it,” she says. “We’re all strong women, but we’re all little girls inside. It’s hard to decide what role you want to play. Who are you as a woman? Do you want to please the man? Do you want to please yourself? Can you do both? Can you be the girl who cries, but be the girl who punches the guy in the face? I don’t know.”

When I meet with Charlotte before a show in late February 2008, there are many places she would rather be than Lansing, Michigan. I can’t say I blame her — the weather sucks, and Mac’s Bar (a smoke-filled hole in the wall down the road from a Big Ten college town) isn’t the most glamorous of music venues. It doesn’t help that it’s the first date of her tour with local punk rockers Every Avenue, or that her last experience at Mac’s was just a couple of notches below awful. When she graced the stage at the bar last fall, it was the beginning of another tour, the venue was empty and smoky, and Charlotte lost her voice. The sickness she says she feels in her stomach is totally justified.

Queasiness and bad memories aside, the New Yorker by way of New Jersey is as bubbly as ever — maybe because she’s so excited to talk to a girl after being cooped up on a bus with a bunch of guys. “It’s hard the first week of any tour because I’m the only girl,” she says. “I’ve gotta get used to eating strangely and sleeping in a weird way … I get kinda cranky.”

Onstage, Charlotte is animated. During her short set, she danced on band members and seduced the cameras of fans in front of the stage. She says her performance style stems from her dance and theater background, but she’s also dramatic because the guy who inspired a few of the tracks is long gone. “I play it up onstage a little bit. It’s almost like a comedy, even though when I wrote it, it was so hurtful,” she says.

Charlotte says she tries to find the right balance in her music between clever, catchy, and intelligent, and tries to put this in a language that most people will understand. “I want to be able to help someone [with] their day the way that my music has helped me get through the day,” she says. “You want to please yourself, but at the same time you want to please other people, without giving up who you are. And that’s what you want to do in a relationship. So that’s how I take on music, like a relationship.”

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