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If you consider yourself to be somewhat of a fashionista, you may be on the constant lookout for a brand new stylish item to make a statement with.  As summer is approaching, we are all ditching our winter clothing and slipping into something a little more comfortable and far less warm.

Dresses are the signature outfit of the summer, as they require very little styling and are incredibly comfortable and cooling. However, you may be bored of wearing the same dresses all of the time and want to find a fresh style to make your own. Here are the 8 most stylish dresses you will simply adore.


Little Black Dress

No matter what time of year it is, every single woman needs to own a little black dress. A little black dress can be pulled out on any occasion and will be sure to stun the room. The little black dress is a timeless look that has been impressing the world for decades and every iconic woman in the world has made a statement with this dress.  Think of the Princess Di revenge dress, which was a little black number.

Maxi Dress

If you are someone that wants to be comfortable and cool, then you need to get yourself a maxi dress. The best part about maxi dresses is that you don’t even need to put too much work into styling them as they are so large, they essentially are the outfit. Match a maxi dress with a stylish cropped jacket and then you are ready to hit the town while looking fabulous. Maxi dresses come in many different styles, so you are bound to find one that you will absolutely adore.

The Strawberry Dress

The strawberry dress has been making fashionable women swoon for the last year or so. This dress is very hard to get your hands on, but when you do you will feel the most fashionable you have ever felt in your entire life.  You may have seen this dress all over the internet as many influencers have been styling it to fit their own personal aesthetic. This look is not only cute, but it is extremely well made and if you are someone that appreciates the craftsmanship that goes into designing clothes, then you will be very impressed with this dress.


Who said that fashionable dresses are exclusive to just one culture? Even if you are someone that cannot necessarily show off a little skin this summer due to religious reasons, you can still look fantastic in an Abaya. An Abaya is a flowing wide-sleeved dress and is one of the most popular Arabian dresses out there due to how comfortable it is. This type of dress comes in many different styles and colors and it is popular to decorate this dress with gems and other embellishments. This dress can work on any occasion and is extremely versatile.

An off the Shoulder

If you are someone that loves the look of an exposed clavicle, then you may be interested in buying an off-the-shoulder dress. Off-the-shoulder dresses come in many different lengths and cuts so you are bound to be able to find a dress that suits your style and whatever event you plan on going to. The off the shoulder look has been a staple look for the last one hundred years and it doesn’t seem to be going out of fashion anytime soon, so be sure you stick with the trends and get yourself an off-the-shoulder dress.


If you are someone that is body confident and has an attitude to match, then the bodycon dress is the dress for you. This dress is tight to the body, meaning it will show off every curve that you have. If you are someone that works hard for their figure, then you may want to show it off. This dress is the perfect dress to do this. It is getting extremely hot recently, so the less material you wear the cooler you will be, this dress is perfect for achieving a cool body temperature.

Aline Dress

If you are someone that isn’t as comfortable with your clothes hanging to your body, then you may prefer a more shapeless aline dress. This kind of dress is extremely popular right now and has been seen plenty of times on international catwalks.  If you are someone that enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends, then you have to get yourself an aline dress. If you want a bit of shape from your A-line, you could always add a stylish belt to cinch in the waist and add shape to your look. However, we recommend that you just rock it as it is.

Sweater Dress

Even though it is getting hotter, some of us are still naturally cold people. For people who feel like that, we recommend that you get yourself a sweater dress. Not only will a sweater dress keep you warm, but they are extremely comfortable. If you are going on a casual hang out, then a sweater dress always makes for a fashionable and comfy look. Many brands have their own kind of sweater dress and so if you look at your favorite brand, then they will have a sweater dress that you are bound to love and look fashionable in.

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The Best Show on WFMU

Comedy team Scharpling and Wurster release another compilation of staged radio call-ins and interview spoofs

Published: May 5th, 2007 | 10:10am

Since October 2000, the cult radio show appropriately titled The Best Show on WFMU has been making listeners laugh throughout New Jersey, New York City, and eastern Pennsylvania via radio stations 91.1 FM and 90.1 FM as well as throughout the world via wfmu.org and podcast. Every Tuesday evening from 8 to 11 p.m. Eastern, DJ Tom Scharpling hosts three hours of “mirth, music, and mayhem,” which mostly consists of Scharpling’s rants about various topics such as Kevin Smith, the new Killers album, and NYC grocery stores, interactive games like “Come On, Guys” and “I Don’t Get It,” and frequent call-ins from “celebrities,” including Ted Leo, Mr. Show‘s Paul F. Tompkins and Chunklet editor Henry Owings. Scharpling has also interviewed comedians Zach Galifianakis, Matt Walsh and Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim of Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

While many diehard fans, dubbed “Friends of Tom,” are devoted to Scharpling, religiously tuning in each week and discussing the show in an online chat, the main attraction often comes in the form of audio sketches involving Superchunk drummer–turned–comedy writer Jon Wurster. He and Scharpling first became friends in 1993 when they bonded over their love for the TV series Get a Life, and in 1997, the duo debuted “Rock, Rot, and Rule” during Scharpling’s first WFMU radio show. The call featured Wurster as Ronald Thomas Clontle, a terribly misinformed music critic who had written a book dividing bands into three categories: those that rock, those that rot, and those that rule.

“We’d been talking on the phone for months, and eventually it was decided that we should probably try to do something on the air,” Wurster recalls from his home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “And it went fantastically, and people were calling in to argue with me. And so from there on out we just kept doing it.”

Over time, the duo have developed a structure for its comedy bits that basically goes like this: Wurster calls into Scharpling’s show as a new or recurring character, and the initially innocuous conversation devolves into a tale of utter absurdity, culminating in the “caller” either threatening to physically harm Scharpling or getting harmed himself. The natural rapport between the two comedians would lead any unsuspecting listener to believe the call is real … at first. But after while, one learns to discern Wurster’s casual tenor from that of the average caller, no matter how it’s disguised.

Amazingly, the pair never rehearses beforehand. “We’ll kind of talk on the phone and one of us will have an idea,” Wurster explains. “[Then Scharpling] gets kind of the layout and I’ll actually write a lot of it down, how it’s gonna flow, some actual lines here and there. And then I’ll send Tom some notes on it, and we’ll discuss it a little more the day of the call, and then we’ll do it.”

“When we go into the calls, we know the spots that we have to hit to tell the story,” Scharpling adds. “Sometimes there’s 15 things to hit, and the calls are pretty much scripted out beat for beat. Other times we can keep them pretty loose just as long as we get to those spots, and the rest can be improvised and filled in and that keeps it really exciting.”

The fifth and latest release on Scharpling and Wurster’s own label, Stereolaffs, guarantees plenty of laughs for new and longtime listeners alike. Titled The Art of the Slap, this three-disc, super-sized compilation features some of the best bits the duo has performed on-air since October 2005. Scharpling does a follow-up interview with a man who got sucked up into a tornado and uses his second chance at life to start his own version of Girls Gone Wild. Regular character Philly Boy Roy talks about “The Running of the Cheese Steaks” and the psychic abilities of his chain-smoking 15-year-old son. And Corey Harris from major label alternative rock band Mother 13 calls in to gives a two-part account of his band’s trip to the top of Mt. Everest with the Polyphonic Spree and Buddy Guy, who all suffer terrible fates.

Scharpling and Wurster’s progressive, somewhat nerdy humor seems perfect for a listener-funded, freeform radio station, but both comedians have expanded into other media. In 2002, Scharpling was the first writer hired for the TBS television series Monk, having previously worked as a writer’s assistant to the show’s creator, fellow WFMU DJ and feature film writer Andy Breckman. Wurster is currently working on an episode for Cartoon Network’s Squibillies, and both helped write episodes for the next season of Tom Goes to the Mayor. Wurster also contributes to Modern Drummer magazine and plays with the likes of Robert Pollard, Rocket from the Crypt, and Jay Farrar.

But they’re not ready to stop doing The Best Show on WFMU … yet. “We’re planning on doing some visual stuff for later in this year, and it would be nice to see what we could do with that, but I wouldn’t want to end it right now,” Scharpling says. “I still think we have stuff to do. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, [but] I think we have worked it up to being something that’s kind of special, and we’re at full-strength right now.”


KristinFebruary 27, 2021


We have all heard the term ‘net worth’ thrown around in many different instances. Usually, we encounter discussions of net worth when we are discussing the worth of celebrities or trying to understand news articles that constantly tell us how much money Billionaires are worth. However, if you were to ask your average person what net worth really is, they may not be able to explain it. There is no wonder why, as the net worth isn’t necessarily talked about in education or even brought up to people who make an average salary. Some people think they may know what net worth is, and if you are one of these people you may be surprised to learn that you’re not getting the full picture of what net worth is.


Common misconceptions

Many people believe that net worth is determined purely by the amount of money that someone has in their account. This is in fact a very common misconception and working out your net worth is a little more complicated than that.


What is net worth?

To put it plainly, your net worth is essentially the total value of all of your assets, minus any liabilities that you may have.  This includes the worth of any property that you may have, such as your home or a business that you may own. You add this total to whatever amount that you have in your bank account.

However, simply adding together all of your equity does not equate to your net worth and is not an accurate representation of all that you own. It is fair to assume that you have some sort of financial liabilities in your life, such as a mortgage or a car loan. These can not be forgotten when you are trying to work out your net worth, so you need to deduct your outgoing to get an accurate representation of what you are really worth. If that is confusing to you, then an easy way to work it out would be figuring out how much money you would have in your bank account if you sold all of your possessions and took away any outgoing costs that you have.


Positive and negative net worth

Though you may not have heard of it before, as well as having a positive net worth, you can also have a negative net worth. This happens when your liabilities outweigh the value of your assets and can often appear when you have a lot of your property bought via finance.  Though a negative net worth may seem scary, it is actually an extremely common occurrence. This is especially the case if you are a student or you have just left college and you are still paying off your student debts. Usually, when people first leave education or become a member of the working world, they have a negative net worth. This is because at that point people usually have more debt than property, but this can be changed within a number of years.


Is it important to know your net worth?

More likely than not, you won’t really ever need to know what your net worth is. However, in a time where we have a lot of outgoing and incoming costs, it can be difficult to keep track of how much money we really have. After all, with modern bills such as phone bills and continuous subscriptions, it can all add up without you knowing. When this happens, we can be led to believe that we have more money than we really have and so it is best to know our true worth so that we can comfortably have control of our finances.


Different types of net worth

As there are vast differences in the wealth system, it is understandable that there are different ways to measure net worth. Aside from the basics of positive and negative net worth, there is also ultra-high and high net worth. But you may be wondering, what’s the difference between ultra high net worth and high net worth?

As you can probably tell by the name, there is quite a big difference between those with a high net worth and those with an ultra-high net worth. People with high net worth have between one million dollars and ten million dollars, which is a substantial amount of equity. However, people who are considered as ultra net worth usually have over ten million dollars.


How can you improve your net worth?

The best way to improve your net worth is by getting rid of any loans or financial obligations that you have, once you have completely eliminated the costs that you have then you will start to gain a positive net worth. There is no point in trying to increase the property you own if you still owe money to others.

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