ChengSeptember 16, 2021


This time of year seems like it will last forever. The sun is shining, the grass is actually green, and we can finally hang our bulky winter jackets up. The process of switching up your wardrobe is one of the exciting things about the changing of the seasons. It isn’t unusual for spring weather to be unpredictable. The weather is changing day to day, one minute it’s hot and humid, the next moment it’s rainy and cold, and every now and then it’s both at once, making it difficult to determine You’ll find plenty of outfit inspiration here if you’re looking for some spring outfit ideas. My and my coworkers’ first task was to share the pieces they wear all season long – a team of product reviewers and discerning shoppers. Here are some fashion staples that women can wear this spring.

ChengSeptember 16, 2021


It has been a while since I shared the outfits from my pregnancy last year, and seeing as how the bulk of my pregnancy centered around the spring/summer, I thought it was time to share a recap of my maternity outfits. Basically I put together a bunch of photos of what I wore in one post, so make sure you pin to save for future use! As my pregnancy progressed, I emphasized keeping cool and comfortable all the time. Despite the fact that I bought a good number of new pieces for this pregnancy, less than 10% of them were maternity clothes! Rather than buying more expensive basics, I sized up to make some room for the bump as much as I could. As I usually wear a size S, after I reached the middle of my pregnancy I was upsizing to a size M and by the end I was upsizing to a size I became best friends with dresses, as you are about to see. It would be best to get a bodycon dress as your one staple item. One of my most worn pairs is from Forever21 – they’re super cheap but they’re probably my favorite. Due to their stretch, I got a medium and it lasted me through my entire pregnancy! When it comes to maternity style, they are the best. You’re going to love these maternity style ideas, from dressy to casual.


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