Dozen Of Brands Like Free People

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Dozen Of Brands Like Free People

According to Free People, these are the 21 best brands rocking bohemian fashion right now in New York City This brand stands out by providing superb boho clothing and accessories for any taste and any budget, just like Free People. Those of you unfamiliar with the style may be surprised to learn that ‘BOHO’ comes from the word bohemian and is a style that originated in We know Boho today as the vintage look we love as a result of the intellectuals, creatives, and artists of those times wearing out their clothes and giving them that unique vintage look we love so much today. The fact that boho clothes are worn as a protest against fast fashion and luxury brands is further evidence of their origin. With Nicole Ritchie, Rachel Zoe, Vanessa Hudgens, and Sienna Miller a part of the brand, Free People has become synonymous with the bohemian style in recent years. there are a number of other amazing stores around that you can shop at like Free People, which is why I will list them here. The following brands like Free People are available now so you don’t have to waste time.

1. Anthropologie

It has become one of the most famous boho retailers around the world, due to its founding by Richard Hayne (founder of Urban Outfitters, too). There are a number of stores like Anthropologie which are often mistaken for being competitors of Free People. In fact, Anthropologie is part of the same chain as Free People. There is no comparison between Free People and Anthropologie, but Anthropologie stands apart from them with its unique styles, colorful prints, and hip vibe. It has styles for every occasion, so it’s a great place to shop.

2. Reformation

My love of Reformation does not only stem from its bohemian style but also from its commitment to sustainability. Using naturally renewable and plant-derived textiles instead of synthetics, the brand has chosen to avoid synthetic materials. In addition, Reformation designs its whole boho collection from scratch, so you know the styles you buy on any number of websites won’t be available elsewhere. We have the latest boho trends made of the most sustainable textiles, so you’ll always be wearing the latest trends with Reformation.

3. Fillyboo

The hand-made clothing by Fillyboo, crafted from lush fabrics, epitomizes boho chic. Designed and handcrafted in Australia, handmade dresses from this label have a bohemian cut. Hand-embroidered and crocheted by highly-skilled artisans in Bali and Java, the pieces are then ready for shipment. The brand I like is not only well known for its boho clothes, but also for supporting small family businesses, both in the Islands and Australia too.

4. Fanm Mon

There are several brands of bohemian clothing that I like, but Fanm Mon is one of my favorites. Fanm Mon is a sustainable fashion label of Haitian heritage that offers plus-size boho styles to people like myself. A modern symbol of consciousness, femininity, and freedom, Fanm Mon is a luxury brand with lines that appeal to people of all sizes. Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder are two famous twins who adore the brand. Stars such as Lauryn Hill, Morgan Stewart, and Justin Bieber also wear the brand. The designer’s creation, Fanm Mon, is a clear reference to his Haitian roots, and it is Creole for ‘peasant women. In honor of all Haitian women, the designer’s choice for ‘Fanm Mon’ is a beautiful homage to Haitian women, no longer living in Haiti. In addition to their expertise with medicinal herbs, these women are also experts on rare traditional cuisine Because of this, the brand’s name reflects the firm’s belief that their knowledge is a unique gift to the world.

5. Faithfull The Brand

The whimsical prints on Faithfull The Brand make it stand out amongst all boho brands, as Kate Middleton has been seen wearing it. Faithfull The Brand is more than a clothing line it represents a lifestyle that is free-spirited, culturally diverse, and hippie-inspired. The clothing company’s unique designs encourage people to wear the same clothes over and over again without wasting or being careless with it. Among the brand’s offerings are feminine boho dresses, relaxed silhouettes, vintage kimonos, and trousers with classic style. In addition to these items, the label offers lots of boho accessories, makeup bags, travel bags, and a variety of other

6. ModCloth

A similar label to Free People is ModCloth, which features clothes designed and sold for women who don’t conform to stereotypes. Featuring vintage-inspired women’s clothing that is more affordable and playful with unique prints and silhouettes, the brand offers boho styles that are less expensive. Designed to be universally appealing, the brand’s clothes are offered in a wide range of sizes, from 00-28, as well as plus-size options. Free People’s modcloth brand is regarded as a one-stop-shop for boho styles, as well as “We, the Free People brand.”. From casual dresses to boho wedding dresses, cozy sweaters to blouses, shoes, and handbags, the line of clothes from the brand can be found online.

7. Lovestitch

It is often recommended as a brand similar to Fillyboo as a boho clothing brand with unknown origins. The website, entitled “The home of bohemian and feminine fashion,” holds the latest trends for women in boho styles and vintage-inspired styles. My favorite thing about Lovestitch is its fresh line of boho clothing that has a unique “Californian vibe”. For some reason, I always think of this brand whenever I perform my daily skincare routine – guess it’s the sun in California! The variety of pants, sweaters, jackets, and crop tops here always impress me, and the vintage inspiration and modern flattering cut are always excellent.

Farm Rio

A fashion brand that Anthropologie carries on its official website launched by a group of creatives from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (that believe in the existence of happiness) in 1997. Farm Rio has cultivated movements that foster cultural movements for over 20 years. Taking vintage styles and infusing them with a feminine, bohemian aesthetic, is what the brand does. The founders of the brand believe in the power of positive energies and beautiful frequencies, and they intend to bring you A great brand for its support of indigenous cultures, heritages, and craftsmanship, and the fight to keep them alive. For every piece purchased on its official website, a tree is planted in the Amazon Rainforest. I love this brand because it is not a Free People imitation.


The label is yet another sustainable boho label that I very much admire and I believe it will compete with top fashion brands one day. The Swiss label Sanikai is a boho clothing brand that blends classic fashion design with exceptional quality and ethical production. A label was set up in 2015 with the aim of helping people and caring for the earth. Sanikai is recognized for the use of natural fabrics and recycled materials combined with Swiss perfectionism, offering a boho-inspired design philosophy with sustainability at its core. The brand carefully selects sustainable fabrics and maintains a positive attitude in support of its customers’ active lifestyles. Each piece is handmade at the heart of Zurich by artists and designers from around the world, using the latest boho trends, fashion and design techniques.

10. Stone Cold Fox

My favorite boho clothing brand is Sam and the Girls, based in Los Angeles. In seeking to reintroduce vintage clothing to the world, Stone Cold Fox makes it fresh and modern. In addition to beautiful wedding dresses, the brand also has bohemian styles. Jane Birkin and Ossie Clark are two actresses and fashion designers whose boho fashions are inspired by the designer of its boho lines. In addition to showcasing beautiful features of a woman’s figure, the label also aims to showcase her positive traits. Each piece of clothing has an elegant finish and would be appropriate for day to evening wear, work to play, and the weekend to vacation wear.

11. Everlane

The boho styles from Everlane are value-crafted to be durable, comfortable, and good for the environment. In Everlane’s catalogs, denim is a star, as well as everything that matches well with that good old pair of In addition, you can pair Everlane’s bohemian styles with oversized bohemian totes, vintage carpet bags, or pure bohemian Everlane’s jeans couture is at the core of everything the brand does, and all denim from the brand is sourced only from sustainable sources that follow the

12. Lucky Brand

This American classic brand is as known for its boho denim cuts as it is for its American classics. Despite the fact that Lucky Brand produces jeans, it is not just about them. Besides making excellent boho shirts, jackets, activewear, and dresses, the brand is now producing excellent activewear as well. It is quite simple to understand Lucky Brand’s design philosophy Known for its commitment to philanthropy, Lucky Brand is also an attractive brand to me for its open support to several charities. By donating a percentage of its monthly sales, and clothing as well, the brand is giving back to the community.

13. My Sleeping Gypsy

The home of Ukrainian boho couture is My Sleeping Gypsy, which is built on the Vyshyvanka Culture. I am in love with the boho style that My Sleeping Gypsy has by following traditional folklore and telling the mythical story of Vyshyvanka. Designer Valery Dobrev blends classical Slavic heritage with contemporary influences to bring to life timeless outfits that make beautiful connections between imaginary worlds and natural reality. I look forward to you checking out the unique patterns, and elaborate ornaments, at My Sleeping Gypsy. You’ll discover ankle-length hippie dresses with puffed sleeves, button-facing playful blouses, ruffled skirts with ruffles, and colorful embroidery. There is a lot of embroidery in one My Sleeping Gypsy’s creations. It takes weeks to complete. Most importantly, these kinds of rare boho styles are a reflection of Slavic culture and its spiritual significance.

14. Cleobella

Hand-made by local artisans in Bali, Cleobella’s boho collections are crafted by local artisans there. This brand is known for fashion pieces that have a laid-back bohemian style, as well as its O’Brien’s (the founder of the brand) mother’s name is Cléobella, and she supplies the majority of the inspiration along with the local culture, according to the designer. The Cleobella brand also maintains the same classic lines of bohemian heritage and vintage style as Free People.

15. One Teaspoon

With celebrities worldwide adoring the brands’ boho-chic styles, One Teaspoon has a dedicated following from celebrities like Gigi Hadidi to Kourtney Kardashian. In addition to its trademarked tattered hems, One Teaspoon has made a name for itself as a brand that always offers a combination that is One Teaspoon was established in 2000 and ever since has offered a wide variety of excellent boho designs to women, men, and children. It is my personal preference to shop for One Teaspoon’s pretty feminine prints, party dresses, boho beach dresses, flattering wrap dresses, maxis, and blouses with floral prints.

16. Minkpink

The Minkpink creative incubator has been in existence since 2005, when Rachel Evans launched it to foster the creativity and craftsmanship of young Australian designers. In Australia, Minkpink has developed into one of the top 5 boho brands thanks to its minimalist wardrobe concept. My go-to clothing line when I need effortless chic, fashionable comfort, and enlightened style is Minkpink’s maxi dresses and boho beachwear. In addition to its clever use of colors and patterns, Minkpink stands out from the crowd as well. The final Australian brand that is preserving the rare art of aboriginal boho tailoring is Free People, which is a store with clothing that falls in line with the brands style and cut.

17. For Love & Lemons

By combining Free People style and a sense of comfort, “For Love & Lemons” has become a favorite among boho clothing lovers. “For Love & Lemons” was founded by best friends Laura Hall and Gillian Rose Kern in 2011. In addition to an edgy and sultry side, For Love & Lemons also offers some feminine styles with a sultry touch. You might also want to look into For Love & Lemons SKIVVIES if you’re searching for brands similar to Free People that sell organic cotton lingerie. Some of the label’s dresses have a boho vibe, making them perfect for under sheer blouses or peeking out into

18. MISA Los Angeles

This ‘brands like Free People’ list would not be complete without MISA Los Angeles brand. Launched in 2016, this brand is deeply inspired by the founder’s love of travel, art, and design. MISA embraces an easy bohemian femininity and a fluid style. Designed and crafted in Los Angeles by a team of specialized designers and pattern makers, MISA’s pieces are handcrafted. In order to produce a collection that is as stylish as it is authentic, many hands and steps are involved – some over 50 steps. Handcrafted from airy fabrics and adorned with confident prints, the brand presents breezy boho dresses and skirts. My favorite boho brand for its unique detailing and colors that always make me dream of a scorching sun holiday in the tropics.

19. We Are Kindred

In addition to all other clothing stores, ‘We Are Kindred’ began with a vision of aesthetic clothing between two sisters who grew up in a family full of fashion. A new fashion label founded in 2013 by Lizzie and Georgie Renkert, the brand draws on their collective 30 years of fashion experience. Combining their experiences in fashion magazine writing and design, buying, and editing, the designers create a contemporary bohemian style that is uniquely their own. This Australian label is, to me, a celebration of harmony and symbiosis, thanks to the creativity of its designers. Fashion designer We Are Kindred, is renowned for its rich fabrics, flourishes, and prints. The brand has a feminine, sensual, and free aesthetic, while still staying modern.

20. Spell

As well as Spell & The Gypsy Collective, Spell is one of the brands like Free People that is dedicated to a casual, modern bohemian Australia’s idyllic beachside town of Byron Bay is home to this boho fashion label. The boho designs of Spell are influenced by faraway places, vintage finds, and childhood memories. Dreams of freedom, hippie vibes, magic, and wilderness are reflected in Spell’s boho styles. The feminine dresses by Spell ooze turquoise love, florals, and aged lace, as if they were calling to you from In its design, the brand draws inspiration from that sense of nostalgia, beauty, and freedom that is so distinctly female. Each garment is designed and sampled in the Arts & Industry Estate of Byron Bay and produced in factories around the world in an ethical manner.

21. Tularosa

The vibrant and expressive clothing of Tularosa is perfect for summer weekends in the city or for taking a stroll Whether you’re in the office or at home, the label will bring the holiday spirit to life. There’s nothing like a glance through Tularosa’s boho collection to get you feeling wanderlust. The brand offers soft flowing fabrics, romantic ruffles, and dreamy prints you could ever want for travelling overseas.

Now it’s your turn…

Would you mind sharing which brand like Free People you like best Right now, what are the top 3 brands like Free People you will be shopping Would you like me to add to this list any other great boho brands you think I’ve missed? Let us know before another woman looking for boho brands like Free People discovers them by leaving a comment below.


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