How Long Should You Sublimate A Shirt?

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How Long Should You Sublimate A Shirt?

A 100% polyester garment will usually be at medium pressure at 385-400F and 45-60 seconds. Pre-press your T-shirt when the machine reaches temperature so that no wrinkles appear and no moisture is present.

How Long Do You Sublimate A Shirt?

Sublimation generally takes place between 380 and 400 degrees for 20 – 35 seconds, depending on the fabric used. The heat turns the ink into a gas and then as it cools, it turns into a solid state.

How Long Do You Leave Sublimation On?

Generally, we recommend that the prints be dried for at least 15 minutes for A3 prints (size 11-3/4″ x 16-1/2″ or smaller) and 30 minutes for A2 prints (size 16-1/2″ x 23-3/8″ and larger).

How Long Does It Take To Sublimate Fabric?

Product type/ substrate

Press Time

Temperature Range

Polyester Fabric/ Apparel

50-60 seconds


Polyester blend fabrics

55-65 seconds


Polyester coated neoprene/ Mousepad type material

45-55 seconds


Unisub Products

60 seconds


How Long Do You Iron On Sublimation?

Is it possible to use an iron for sublimation transfers? No. Sublimation transfer requires firm, flat pressure for at least 60 seconds, and it must remain perfectly still during the entire process to avoid blurry results.

How Long Do You Press For Sublimation?

Product type/ substrate

Press Time

Temperature Range

Unisub or Chromaluxe Metal

60 seconds



40-80 seconds


Other metals

50-70 seconds


Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP)

60-75 seconds


Why Does My Sublimation Shirt Look Faded?

Due to the exposure to ultraviolet radiation, fading of sublimation prints is easy. Sublimation paper and ink are not responsible for the problem. Direct sunlight is the primary reason for printing under long-term exposure. Prints made with sublimation are faded faster by this method.

How Much Do Sublimation Shirts Sell For?

You should estimate the cost of producing a high-quality shirt, probably in the range of $7 or $8. 00 to $8. If you are working in your margins, you should consider the market influences and the size of the order when determining your operational costs. Keep in mind the advantages and benefits of your product all the while.

Can You Sublimate On Regular Shirts?

No. Cotton fabrics cannot be sublimates. Inks are transferred onto fabrics by bonding them with polymers in the transfer material during the sublimation process.

How Long Does A Sublimation Print Last On Paper?

Sublimation transfers last up to 14 months after they are printed. We use high quality sublimation paper and store our prints in a dry, cool, dark place.

How Long Does Sublimation Last On A T Shirt?

The ink penetrates the polyester fibers when it is sublimated, so dye sublimation can last up to 10 years in terms of colour retention. The print will never crack because the dye is transferred IN the fabric rather than ON it.

Can You Overheat Sublimation?

The substrate should not be overcharged. A sublimated transfer to a hot surface will cause the gassing process to begin prematurely, which can result in ghosting. In addition, your work environment should be your focus.

What Is Dwell Time In Sublimation?

The following temperature and dwell time pointers can be used to determine the best results from sublimation. The time and temperature of your heat press will differ depending on the thickness of the blank material and the time and temperature of your heat press. If you don’t find the time that results in the clearest image, you can increase or decrease dwell times in 5-10 second increments.

How Long Does It Take To Sublimate Satin?

A 100% polyester-based satin can be sublimated. At 390 F, use light to medium pressure to dissolve the liquid for 45 seconds. Using foam pads, avoid marking sensitive polyester fabric, such as satin, with stamp marks or press marks.

Can You Do A Sublimation With An Iron?

You will find that you will love the projects you create when you sublimate with an iron. Additionally, it might help you decide whether to invest in more equipment to make larger and more complicated projects in the future.

How Long Do You Sublimate Metal?

Use blow-out paper to blow out 60 seconds at 400F (40C). Press the button after removing the plastic coating. The time varies with the metal manufacturer (always consult the manufacturer for the correct time and temperature).

Is Sublimation Print Long Lasting?

In contrast to other methods of shirt printing, Sublimation shirts last longer and won’t crack or peel over time, unlike other methods.

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