How Long To Heat Press Sublimaton On 65 Poly Shirt?

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How Long To Heat Press Sublimaton On 65 Poly Shirt?

In fact, as indicated by the percentage. Poly bases are required for sublimation, so 65% of the fabric will remain adhered to.

How Long Does It Take To Sublimate 65 Polyester?

Product type/ substrate

Press Time

Temperature Range

Polyester Fabric/ Apparel

50-60 seconds


Polyester blend fabrics

55-65 seconds


Polyester coated neoprene/ Mousepad type material

45-55 seconds


Unisub Products

60 seconds


How Long Do You Heat Press Sublimation On Polyester?

Sublimation heat-press settings are mainly determined by the type of substrate you will be pressing. A 100% polyester garment will usually be at medium pressure at 385-400F and 45-60 seconds.

Can You Sublimate On 60 Polyester?

Sublimation is not just polyester, but certain other man-made fibres as well. The heat can be withstanded as long as it is not too hot. 60/40 poly has worked fine for me for a long time, and I can say that 40% of it has never been washed out. The material must be tight enough to hold your hand in place.

Can You Sublimate On 65% Polyester?

The dye sublimation process is a unique printing process that is especially useful for garments made from polyester or polyester blend fabrics. A blend of 65% polyester, 35% cotton fabric (recommended for vintage-style printing) for dye sublimation.

Can You Sublimate 65% Polyester 35% Viscose?

Our 3880 Unisex Viscose Fashion Tee is part of our Fast Fashion collection, which is perfect for Sublimation. This Fast Fashion T-shirt, which is 65% polyester, 35% viscose, is great for all-over prints, as we showed in the video.

Can You Sublimate 65 Polyester And 35 Rayon?

cellulose fiber (not a synthetic fiber), and will perform just like cotton when it comes to dye sublimation, if there is some polyester in the blend, the poly will take the color and hold it, rayon will not.

What Should I Set My Heat Press To For Sublimation?

The time varies with the metal manufacturer (always consult the manufacturer for the correct time and temperature). The absorbent sheet should be placed on the bottom of the heat press. Place the product transfer side down on top of the absorbent sheet after you have placed the product transfer side down. The press time varies with the pressure (medium).

What Temp Do You Heat Press Polyester?

When pressing polyester fabrics, it is highly recommended that you stick to low temperatures when using heat press. For about 10 seconds, 270 F is the ideal temperature and time.

Can You Print Sublimation On Polyester?

It is only appropriate for garments made of 100% polyester or polyester blend to be printed with sublimation printing. Sublimation is possible on other materials, such as cotton, but it won’t be permanent since it is on fabric that is made by man.

Can You Do Sublimation On 50% Polyester?

A dye sublimation process, or DS, must be applied to polyester-based goods. It will work on blends, but remember that if the garment is a 50/50 blend, then 50% of the ink will not saturate 50% of that garment. In addition, some polyester garments are not designed to be sublimation-resistant.

What Is The Lowest Percentage Of Polyester For Sublimation?

Sublimation shirts must be at least 50% polyester in order to be printed. As ink will only transfer to the poly fibers, the higher the percentage of polyester, the better.

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