How To Build Accessibility-First Design Culture In Your Organization?

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How To Build Accessibility-First Design Culture In Your Organization?

Accessibility is a feature that is still lacking in most of the websites that people visit these days. These websites are not extremely user-friendly and sometimes, people can have a tough time using them. Getting trouble with using a website is a problem that everyone in the world ahs faced at least once. This problem is faced even more when it comes to older citizens. They are not able to use complicated features of a website that well so they end up lacking behind the youth.

However, the worst-affected victims of this lack of accessibility are the disabled people. There are more than 2 billion disabled people in the entire world and yet, there is no special accessibility feature for them on the majority of the websites available over the internet. This does not only make it frustrating for them to use the internet as they don’t have proper accessibility features but it also makes it impossible to perform routine tasks like shopping online, using social media sites, working, and more.

Why should you include accessibility features on your website?

Making your website easily accessible by all normal, old, and disabled users can be beneficial for both your customers as well as your organization. It could be good for your customers as the customers will not have any frustrating experience while using your website. They will feel a good overall experience after they use the special accessibility features of your website. For disabled people, it will bring a new opportunity to explore online content without hassles.

From a business point of view, it is a good way to increase your website traffic as more and more people will visit your website if it is easy to use and access. It will also create a better impact on them as they will think your organization is quite reliable and customer-friendly.

Measures for including accessibility features in the website

So it has already been understood that accessibility is an essentially important feature that every website should have, however, to start implementing the accessibility features in your organization, many steps may need to be taken. These steps could be difficult to follow but are necessary for successfully implementing an accessibility-driven design. From education other internal members about the importance of accessibility to finally implementing the idea, this process could be quite long and hectic. The process begins as follows:

Convince the internal members:

There could be many complications in the process of introducing accessibility-driven design features as most of the internal organization members would not have even thought about it yet.

People think that accessibility is not a big problem as it will not majorly impact a business’s website traffic, however, it should be noted that around 26% of the world’s population is facing some kind of disability. This means, by not developing special accessibility features, you’re probably compromising on 26% of the customers that your website could have received. This is a significant number, enough for making serious losses.

You can tell them that it is a great investment that the business should do for the customers as well as the employees. It has a greater return and everyone will be benefitted in the end.

By stating out these facts to all the designers and other internal members, you could convince them that accessibility is important for the organization and it could seriously benefit the business and its website.

Create the final plan

Once the members have been convinced and the work on bringing accessibility as a feature has to be started, the very first thing that you need to work upon is to formulate a suitable plan for the same. You need to make sure to build a plan that can integrate accessibility in your organization’s culture by paying constant attention to it. You need to create a team that will manage the accessibility features, share insights, and more. These people should be the ones who are currently responsible for the design of the website.

The combined effort of the team as well as the other members will bring about efficiency in the process of integrating accessibility features. There would be a single leader for the team and the members of the team would bring in intuitive ideas and through collective effort they could work towards making a design inclusive of accessibility.

You should hold a regular audit for accessibility features and you should also decide which components should you focus on. You should add an entirely new section of accessibility to the technical design. You should also have frequent bug checks. Make it mandatory for components to have accessibility features. After developing a full-proof strategy, its time to implement the plan and put it to action.

Execute the plan and begin with the components

You have to identify all the components that require changes in their design for integrating accessibility first. These components should be the most important ones that need changes immediately. They are used by the customers most often which is why it will have the greatest impact on the accessibility of the website.

After making changes in the components that need UI changes, you should go ahead and introduce new accessibility components as well. You should make the entire design usable and friendly.

Through this way, the entire library of components will be enhanced and they would be easily accessible. This could be a complicated procedure requiring many changes in the entire UI of the website, however, the final result is always worth the combined effort.

At last, it is not extremely easy to bring accessibility as a feature on your website without any complications. It is not something that could be done overnight as it requires the attention and hard work of the entire team collaboratively. As long as everyone is trying their best, the results should turn out to be good enough. Bring accessibility features into your organization to enhance customer experience now!

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