How To Comfort Someone

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How To Comfort Someone

Seeing someone you love cry or grieve is never easy, much less when that person is a loved one. Despite our best efforts, most of us find our tongues teetering for A bad situation can make it hard to know what to say and how to act when you are around someone who is hurting. You want to be there for them and show empathy, but with the right words and actions, it can be overwhelming. Some of us end up sitting there uncomfortably, patting each other on the back while saying, “It’s okay.” How is it that we know how to celebrate someone’s joy but we have no idea what to do when they’re The following article is for you if you have ever found yourself in the situation of not knowing what to do after someone close to you breaks down in tears.

However, we have to be very clear on what we want to achieve before I give you my list of the best 71 ways to comfort someone, cheer them up, and make them feel better. In order to comfort someone, it is important for them to feel less burdened and less

How do we comfort someone?

On the Internet, you can find many tips on how to provide verbal and non-verbal comfort to someone you care about. Although all comfort is not the same for everyone, it is important to note that some are more comfortable than others. You might think your partner’s approach is the right one, but it might not be for them.

In McKay and McKay (2019), they describe some of the best steps that can be taken Here are some examples When you let someone know that you care for or love them, they can feel comforted. McKinzey (2021) suggests that one of the right ways to comfort someone going through emotional pain is by helping them better understand their emotions. Once you have cheered them up, and made them feel better, only then could you help them. A word has the power to transform a situation. The right words can aid in the comfort and ease of pain in others. Sue Johnson, a clinical psychologist and arguably the best expert on relationships in the world, shares some great advice in her latest book, The Good Wife

Best Way To Comfort Someone -10 Tips

Describe what you see, hear, and feel so that they can build trust and comfort. As you witness and confirm what you see and rephrase what they say, you help them feel like you are on the same page and have not misinterpreted

It is understandable that you are “I was also upset when… happened to me.” Use the same word they use (e.g., disappointed, heartbroken, etc.) to confirm their sentiments. When we can relate to someone from our past experience, it’s easier for us to gain their trust. It’s important not to alter the topic of conversation to your own story but rather, share to communicate the fact that you empathize. Be careful not to compare your experience with theirs, but try to focus on theirs.

In most cases, people just want to be heard. By asking them how something made them feel, you will get a response. There are no deeper meanings in reading what they felt, only how they felt so you can gain a deeper understanding of what they went through. The alternative to asking someone “what” is to ask “how” to avoid being caught in one-word answers. It is best to avoid asking “why,” as they might come across as critical, rather than encouraging the other person to better comprehend their suffering.

Rather than only cheering them up, don’t ignore their problems. In the present moment, people find it difficult to think about the future when they are in pain.

If they burst into tears, and you respond as follows In order to trivialize their feelings by saying “don’t cry…”, “you’ll feel better”, or “cheer up”, you are attempting to diminish their feelings. Do not interrupt them, but rather listen to what they have to say.

It is possible that they will not be ready to share if they don’t want to talk. You can, if it is appropriate, give him or her a hug in that circumstance. The level of physical affection you show regularly should match the level of love you show. In the event you’ve never hugged this person, then maybe a hand on the shoulder is all you need. In the event that the person was your partner, a hug or a snuggle would be

It is very important to let your friend know how much you care and that you are sorry for what they are going through. If they feel better after talking to you, continue to reinforce your support and tell them you can be reached at any time.

When we know others see us as their special person, we feel good about ourselves. Be sure your friend knows how much you care about them. A handwritten note is better than anything else, so tell him or her how thankful you are to have a friend like that.

In order to counteract a negative thought, we need three positive ones for every negative The impact negativity has on us is greater than that of According to Dr. Erin Stair, a physician and health consultant in New York who runs Blooming Wellness, such behavior sidelines us and makes us unhappy. Perhaps it wasn’t you who put those negative thoughts into your friend’s head, but he or she can negate them by repeating three positive statements at a time.

It is important to note that most people do not share easily, even if they need some assistance. It is important at least to ask if they want to talk with you. It will relieve that person’s distress quite a bit if you just ask that question.

Best Ways To Cheer Up Someone & Make Them Feel Better

Studies have shown that cooking and eating together with friends and family promotes bonding and overall happiness, notes Danielle Hamo, a registered dietician and licensed nutritionist. Prepare a nutritious meal that is close to nature, keeping stress at bay with healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins. “When someone is down, the body is impacted by low energy and they tend to seek reassurance from others. Dr. Watts adds, however, that this usually comes in the form of junk food or lots of sugar. You might want to try roasting a I promise it’s not as difficult as it sounds, and both of you will experience a great sense of accomplishment when that beautiful golden bird is done. Adding brown rice and fresh veggies to the mix will make this healthy meal even more delicious! Stir-fry a curry dish at home with a dash of turmeric, or make them a homemade stir-fry dish with vegetables. Typical ingredients in those dishes are turmeric and vegetables, which play a role in serotonin regulation. The Omega-3s, found in fish, and tryptophan, an amino acid that triggers the production of serotonin, found in animal proteins are good for your health. Furthermore, it is a bonus to share food with another individual As a result, they are allowed to relax and possibly share their problems in a more comfortable way. It can be calming, soothing, and relaxing to have a good meal, which can help get the person’s mind off of their problems.

A new exciting project is one of the best ways to keep their mind occupied. This would also help to lift their spirits and make them feel better within. Doing something that person loves will be most helpful. You can do a lot together, but doing something they love is the most important.

When you watch a movie alone, it’s not always as entertaining as when you do it with friends. Share a movie that will tickle everyone’s funny bone and decorate the living room with popcorn and snacks. You can watch something on Netflix or Amazon Prime together (light hearted comedies are a good choice). Get a box of tissue and search for a sad story when you’re in the mood to cry. It is sometimes as cathartic to cry as it is to laugh. A movie that contains the right balance of comedy and drama would be best. A movie is an excellent way to help someone who is distressed take their minds off the problem for the time being.

Even though it sounds weird, this is effective to cheer up your friend who is feeling down. You can swing them away if they take a seat on the swing. As soon as that happens, all your stress will disappear I always get great results with it.

It is impossible for ice cream to fail. We would appreciate it if you could find out what your friend’s favorite kind of ice cream is so that we can make sure to get them that.

Having a positive self-image and a strong sense of confidence are two of the benefits of volunteering. A friend in need of cheering up will find it rewarding as well as a positive distraction from their emotional distress if they volunteer for others,” says chief social worker Helen D’Angelo. Meet up with a friend to volunteer a way to connect them with those who are experiencing worse times than they are. Servant at a soup kitchen or working with the elderly is also a wonderful volunteer opportunity. People who wish to volunteer and help others, either in their home country or abroad, can find a number of opportunities on the Internet. Together We Bake Baking has a therapeutic effect that relaxes and soothes Because you have to pay attention to every step of measuring, mixing, and paying attention to the recipe. Directly or indirectly, they will create ‘peace’ in their minds and push away any feelings or emotions that are negative. Baked goods also produce happy feelings due to their delicious smell. You can, however, share what you’ve baked with other close friends, or give them to a local firehouse or charity if calories are an issue.

Do a Tech Detox Get them out of their room and away from electronics for a few hours. If you are trying to get them motivated, it can be difficult if they hide out in their pajamas, binge-watch Netflix, or obsessively check A cute animal picture will make them smile There’s nothing better than seeing a cute and funny picture of an animal. Don’t miss the chance to make someone’s day by sending them a random text and photo. As a bonus There is no limit to how many pictures you can view while you are looking for that perfect pic to send to your friend. You can’t cheer someone up when there’s only the virtual world to go to. Hold a group game night. The old classic activities such as Monopoly, Bingo, Trivia, and playing with your friends over a zoom call can be done online. Round up your friends for a game night of classics such as Monopoly, Bingo, and Trivia, and enjoy the fun together.

Try to organize a meditation day with your friend and make it special by asking them to think of someone who has hurt them. As they close their eyes, ask them to begin sending them good vibes, thoughts, and wishes. I wish them good health, fortune, etc., and I even wish forgiveness for those who have mistreated me. The power of forgiveness and the positive impact it has is vast, The best way to meditate if you aren’t accustomed to it is to use an app that makes it fun and easy for you,” says Kansas City, Missouri doctor Jackie Kibler. Make Them Flowers Have the florist deliver to your friend, raid your dad’s garden, or “borrow” from a park to make your friend a beautiful bouquet. It wouldn’t hurt to send them a bouquet of origami flowers if you really wanted to take things to the next level! Join a Yoga class together Yoga has many mental health benefits. There’s no doubt that yoga is a great way to find your way back to happiness, whether you sign up for a class or find a tutorial on YouTube. The benefits of yoga include getting an individual outside of their comfort zone in a therapeutic, safe way, as well as lowering physiological arousal. When you practice yoga, your heart rate, your respiration rate, and your cortisol levels all decrease. As yoga lowers these physical stress markers, it also stimulates the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to ease anxiety. In this way, reduce stress and boost positive emotions at the same time by playing pranks on them. Scare them and make them laugh, making a win-win situation! Dr. Watts says, “You know your friend best so use that knowledge and experience to tailor your approach to their sense of humor.” A quick search on Instagram will let you find some creative jokes that will make both of you laugh. They may seem hard to crack at first, but once they crack, it could be the best giggle either of you has had in quite some time. In less than a minute, I’ve found these pranks. The toilet paper should be decorated with a spider. Make cheese balls from scratch and put them in chocolate to look like Bring a friend to dress as a ghost and show up while you’re having dinner in the garden. Be mindful that the goal is to make your friends laugh, so be sure that your pranks also make them laugh.

Getting your friend in your car to drive around and listen to their favorite music while you drive around. Make it a little dancing party in your car or watch a few funny videos on Youtube to get your blood pumping. Do not shy away from the challenge Your loved one can bust a move when they are with you! Try skipping together if you want to be extra silly. If you don’t mind getting a little sweaty, you can do any type of exercise you like. A fun way to boost your mood is to exercise and burn calories. Exercise also increases oxygen levels in the body and helps you increase endorphins. The more you skip, the harder it takes to stay glum,” Dr. Stair says. So get a rope and get going. Make A Hundred Funny Instagram Posts You Can Be Annoying and Endearing at the Same Time I believe that if it makes them smile, it is worthwhile. You’re bound to find some funny videos of babies dancing, awkward moments, crazy cats, and dogs acting naturally. If you make any posts that might make your friend smile, tag them in them.

You are always happier knowing someone is rooting for you when you receive a motivational text. No matter how you go about it, whether you simply say “thinking of you – hang in there!” or scour Pinterest for a great quote/graphic combo, a little bit of inspiration will be greatly appreciated by your loved one. You’ll always be excited to receive snail mail when you send a handwritten letter/card! Purchase or make some cards online (ideally from a small business or shop on Etsy). Share memories with them, tell them the things they mean to you, or draw a picture to show them how much you care about them. The economy is tough for most of us at the moment, so give a gift card instead of cash. In addition, you may choose to pass on any additional cash as a gift card so that your friend can use it however he or she pleases. If you would like to pick-up some pizza, dinner, or drinks from a local coffee shop, do so at your convenience. To save for a treat once places reopen, you could use an electronic gift card. It will make them feel loved and it will motivate them to get out of the house, which benefits both the small business and the customer. Share a Story Of Kindness There’s a lot going on right now, and yet, some people are coming together to help each other out. When you see a story that gives you hope, tell your friend about it and pass on that feeling.

The Benefits Of Nature Therapy “I believe in the power of nature therapy in terms of improving mood,” Even being outside (or just looking at photos of nature) naturally boosts one’s mood. So, whether you live in the middle of a metropolis or to live near a national park, do something outside. Even just 15 minutes of fresh air outside can boost your friend’s spirits. In addition, vitamin D and serotonin levels will be raised by their exposure to fresh air, nature, and sunshine. You Can Find (Or Fake) Some Luck Maybe the boost your friend needs is just a little bit more assurance. a penny in the street or a four-leaf clover in a field will cure their downer. If not, you can drop a penny for them and give it to them, but only for the sake of knowing how Felix Felicis switched Ron around. Creating a dance to their favorite song Want to do something fun and relaxing that’s sure to take their mind off their worries? If your friend has a favorite song, you can make up a dance to it, or you could It would be better still if you could enlist some friends to help and put on Take Part in a Random Act of Kindness TogetherA lot of the times, when we help others, we also benefit. Take part in It is important to pay attention to the smallest details. Watch your days change for the better by opening the door for someone, paying for someone’s coffee, or having dinner with someone, or just smiling and saying ‘good morning’ to a stranger.

Help people visualize a better future. Helping them realize they are a product of their past, present, and future, emphasizing their future, is one way to help them see their future. Assuring your friend that, in the end, this small obstruction will not prevent them from purchasing that Miami yacht they keep dreaming of is crucial. -Build a treehouse or a fort This is a no-brainer – everyone loves a treehouse or a good fort. Plan out your ideas, draw them on paper, and build your way back to childhood with a fun project! Someone needs to let off some steam, right? Some people simply need to get some aggression out. In the wake of the pandemic, you may want to consider breaking plates at dedicated hard rock venues as a way to relieve stress. has become a very popular form of stress relief over the past few years, which is deemed to be an effective method for managing anger. Dr. Eliza Belle, the director of psychology and behavior services for Alabama’s Department of Mental Health, emphasizes the importance of doing this in a safe, nonviolent, and controlled setting. Try a Noodle Fight Grab some pool noodles and see what your friends come up with. By dodging, ducking, weaving, or using any other method necessary, you can avoid getting hit. Taking more endorphins will make YOU and your partner happier, and so will your loved one. Cheering someone up with this is one of our favorite things to do!

a deep sleep Now that people are going through a hard time, they tend to sleep much less. When people are sleep-deprived, they are irritable, depressed, and prone to anxiety. Therefore, sleep is very important to their mental and physical Remind your friend to take some time for a nap to keep their physical and mental health in balance. A Cute Nickname Come up with a cute nickname for them It’s better to be ridiculous than not. Your secret weapon to get them chuckling in the future is not only a wonderful way to get them chuckling right now, but it will also be an effective way to get them chuckling right now. friendship bracelets with your friend This throwback activity is sure to bring a smile to their Then they’ll see how great it is while making it and whenever they look at it afterward. Research shows that every 60 seconds of exercise adds seven minutes to our total lifespan, says Joshua Duvauchelle, a health writer and certified personal trainer. There is a lot of literature on how exercise boosts our happiness, but the actual effects kick in within five minutes of exercise. You can go on a text scavenger hunt in the following ways It’s not enough to just send your friend a list of items and tell them to spot them throughout the The challenge should be doable yet fun and playful as well. Ask them to find, for example, yellow shoes, a palm tree, and a car that is older than yours. You can ask them to send you pictures as they find each item. You can do this to challenge someone who is in a rut and get them out of it. The completion of a challenge will help people stay hopeful, inspire them, and show that they are

Take a time machine back to the good old days and try dressing up. No matter if you are wearing your favorite costume, your mom’s clothes from the ’80s, or something cute you bought especially for this event, this is a great opportunity for you Then do a nice French braid on their hair or a flower child side chignon. Maybe you’re a straight boss who does a fishtail braid. No matter how you do it, braiding someone’s hair is a great way to show them Offer to give your friend a haircut or color their hair if he is a boy. Suppose something goes wrong, but how can it happen? Have A Sleepover You’ve probably been doing this for years, but get some pizza and magazines, as well as some ingredients to bake some cookies, and you’re sure to have a good time. Often repeating self-empowering affirmations can change one’s brain permanently. Recent studies have demonstrated that young people who lack confidence should repeat them regularly as a way to improve their brains. Make them write down five in ten things they love about themselves, and then have them yell them out over and over until you notice a smile forming on their faces. have them come up with a list of positive statements about themselves and ask them to repeat them on a daily basis Besides being pretty and smart, I am confident, and so forth. The self-compliments will eventually become internalized. Remind them of this by sending messages weekly or monthly urging them to keep practicing. Even if they don’t believe the comments at first, over time they will accept them. Play a face-off with the crowd by telling jokes, making funny noises, or doing your best impression. It’s only a requirement that you keep your face as straight as you can. A person who opens his or her mouth first Perhaps you could engage in a compliment war. Together, run errands Studies show that people who are anxious or depressed find it difficult to manage their daily responsibilities. feel it is difficult to ask for assistance when they are A favor for a friend as a surprise can be a great way to provide assistance without your friend having to make an effort to ask for it. Download one of these audio tours to your phone, put on your tennis shoes, and grab a friend to join you on a guided walking tour. It will make those endorphins flow Additionally, you may be surprised about the cool vibe in your hometown. Making your own audio tour is an option if you cannot find one As well as that, there is an app.

You should ask your friend to identify ten good things in their life at this moment. This will help you practice gratitude. You can ask them to sandwich two things that they are grateful for between one thing that is wrong. They will realize there is always a bright side to their life when they say it aloud. It would also be nice if you made a list of all the things you are grateful for to each other, as well.

Take a joke seriously and fake a laugh! It seems silly just to mention it, but many PTSD programs and therapists recommend daily laughing as ‘homework’ to cope with the condition. It’s likely that your loved one will end up laughing for real the moment you ask them to pretend to laugh. Acupuncture Releases endorphins in the body when it is applied to trigger points on the body, relieving tension, pain, and stress in the area. The Body’s Need For a Safe Space It’s no secret that chronic stress and stress-related diseases can result from bottling up ones’ feelings. Encourage your friend or loved one to feel comfortable in your presence by letting them know you are there to support them. When To Call For Reinforcements Understand that if your friend has a dark period lasting more than a few weeks without at least some good days, or if they indicate a desire to hurt themselves, it is time to call for reinforcements. When someone is struggling with emotions, counseling can be incredibly helpful for them to understand them and learn how to cope. Irrespective of how much you try, it will most likely be impossible for you to help out a friend who is sincerely depressed. They are fortunate to have a friend like you who can use your expertise to inform their family or a specialist about their difficulties. This will lead to prompt treatment and a fast recovery.

Now it’s your turn…

If you love someone, what is the one thing you do to make them feel comfortable? When someone is down and depressed, what is the best way for you to cheer them up? Taking care of someone quickly is the fastest way to make them feel better in your opinion? Below are some ways you can share your experiences with others to help them cheer up their loved ones.


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