How To Lace 3 Hole Dress Shoes?

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How To Lace 3 Hole Dress Shoes?

You should lace your boots normally until you reach the bottom of one of these three eyelets. You should not thread the lace through each eyelet, but use the standard criss-cross pattern. You should first use the middle eyelet, then the bottom one, and then the third one.

How Long Should Shoelaces Be For 3 Eyelets?

Shoelace Type

Eyelet Count


Small Round


27 in.

Small Round


30 in.

Medium Round


24 in.

Medium Round


27 in.

What Are The Lace Holes In Shoes Called?

An eyelet is a hole that is used to thread a cord or lace through. As you lace up your sneakers, you pass the shoelace through the eyelets. The metal rings on many eyelets make it easy to attach strings or cords, while the holes punched in cloth or leather make it easier to attach cords.

What Length Of Shoelaces Do I Need?

# Eyelet Pairs

Lace Length (in inches)









How Long Should Laces Be For 2 Eyelets?

Use this table to approximate the shoelace length needed based on the number of eyelet pairs in your shoe

Horizontal Spacing Across the Shoe

2 pairs

60 cm (24″)

80 cm (32″)

3 pairs

60 cm (24″)

100 cm (39″)

4 pairs

70 cm (28″)

110 cm (43″)

5 pairs

80 cm (32″)

130 cm (51″)

What If Laces Are Too Long?

You can cut out a section of laces if they are too long and re-join the two cut ends if they are too long. Using a simple Reef Knot, flat laces can be sewn or glued together, while synthetic laces can even be melted.

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