How To Lace Dress Shoes 3 Holes?

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How To Lace Dress Shoes 3 Holes?

Shoelace Type

Eyelet Count


Small Round


27 in.

Small Round


30 in.

Medium Round


24 in.

Medium Round


27 in.

How Do You Lace 3 Eyelet Boots?

You should lace your boots normally until you reach the bottom of one of these three eyelets. You should not thread the lace through each eyelet, but use the standard criss-cross pattern. You should first use the middle eyelet, then the bottom one, and then the third one.

What Is Lace With Holes Called?

Add the word “eyelet” to your list of friends. An eyelet is a hole that is used to thread a cord or lace through. As you lace up your sneakers, you pass the shoelace through the eyelets. In addition to tiny hooks, eyelets are also sometimes used for dresses and undergarments.

How Do You Know What Size Shoelaces To Buy?

The first step is to count the number of eyelets on one shoe and divide by two so you can know how many pairs of eyelets there are. In step 2, you will need to find your number of PAIRS of eyelets in the chart below and determine the coordinating length in inches or centimeters. Mixing it up and making a statement with your shoes?

How Many Eyelets Is 36 Inch Shoelaces?

Number of Eyelets

Lace Length

4 Eyelets

36 Inches

5-6 Eyelets

45 Inches

6-7 Eyelets

54 Inches

7-8 Eyelets

63 Inches

How Long Of Laces Do I Need?

Number of Eyelets

Length of The Bootlace (inches)

Type of Boot

From 5 to 6


Hiking (Low top)

From 6 to 7

Up to 54

Work and Hiking

From 7 to 8


Hiking (tall), Work, and Sneakers (high top)

From 8 to 9


Work (8”)

How Many Holes Are In Shoelaces?

It is common to supply laces that fit a certain number of eyelets. A typical pair of eyelets consists of about 5-7 pairs. You can’t tell what eyelets are unless you know what holes you use to attach your shoelaces.

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