How To Make Pajama Pants With Pockets?

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How To Make Pajama Pants With Pockets?

Your pajama pants should be turned inside out. You should lay them on the ground and hold the pockets up to the seam (the rough part of fabric and thread that goes into a line down the pants) at the height you want your pockets to be. My pants are very close to the top, maybe an inch from the top, but you can adjust it as you see fit.

How Many Yards Of Fabric Do I Need To Make Pajama Pants?

You will need to determine the fabric you will use for each person you make them for based on their size. For a child, it is about 1/2 yard, for an older child it is 1 yard, and for an adult it is up to 2 yards. The first thing you need is a pair of pants that currently fits the person you are making these pajamas for.

Can Pockets Be Added To Pants?

If you are sewing from scratch or if you do not have pockets in your pants, you can easily add pockets. Pattern can be used to help you create the pocket if possible. Attach the pocket pieces by sewing them into the side seams of your pants.

How Much Fabric Do I Need For Pajama Pants?

It is recommended that you use 3 yards of fabric that is 44′′ wide. When you fold your pajamas in half, you may need to cut only one layer of fabric at a time for each half leg if they are more than 20′′ wide.

How Many Yards Of Fabric Does It Take To Make A Pair Of Pants?


Fabric Width 35-36 inches

Fabric Width 52-54 inches

Pants, full length (add -1/4 yard for cuffs)

3-1/4 yards

2-1/4 yards

Pants, Capri length

2-3/4 yards

2 yards

Shorts, Bermuda length

2-1/2 yards

1-3/4 yards

Skirt, straight

2 yards

1-3/8 yards

What Fabric Is Best For Making Pyjamas?

  • A very versatile fabric, silk can be worn all year round for a variety of clothing pieces – including evening wear.
  • Linen is a lightweight, durable material that is a staple for summer. It is also a great choice for pyjamas.
  • I am talking about cotton.
  • I am in love with silk…
  • I am talking about wool.
  • The polar fleece is a great choice.
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