Supreme Clothing: Why Is It So Expensive?

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Supreme Clothing: Why Is It So Expensive?

The question of ‘Why is Supreme so expensive?’ is one of the most frequent ones in the world of fashion today. Nevertheless, it is important to look beyond the Reddit rumor mill to understand why Supreme has managed to achieve such a high price tag and popularity. From a skateboarding label to a billion-dollar streetwear company by 2021, Supreme is an iconic brand and one of the most expensive in the world. I’ll show you its history and heritage, as well as 4 secret strategies it utilizes to create brand image and demand. Additionally, Supreme has become a label that is more expensive than many other labels operated in the luxury and streetwear markets, due to its partnership with LVMH. Supreme’s Louis Vuitton teddy bear, which retails at $110,000, and Supreme Louis Vuitton trunk, which goes for $125,000, are both among the most expensive items in their

So, Why is Supreme so Expensive?

As one of the most expensive brands in the world, Supreme has reached cult status and became one of the most sought after brands in the world. It is the case that Supreme, one of the most expensive brands in the world, has used four key business strategies to perfection

Each one of these four strategies is connected to the next one, so they are interconnected to each other. Celebrities have been attracted to each limited edition, for example To the outside world, Supreme is a brand with an eye-catching logo, limited release products, and designer collaborations. As a result, there was a community of fans, resellers, and collectors. As a result, Supreme has created an entire subculture that is dedicated to the brand. Immediately after, here are a few reasons why Supreme is so expensive at the moment.

1. Rebellious Brand Image

As a result of James Jebbia’s design work in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, Supreme was founded in 1994. Less than 30 years after it was launched as a skateboarding store, under Armour has become one of the world’s biggest clothing brands. When Supreme opened its new store in New York, it only sold hoodies and sweatshirts to cater to the city’s growing skate skaters played a huge role in the creation and adoption of streetwear style between the 1990s and the early 2000s. The Supreme brand has pioneered and maintained a culture of originality and authenticity in skatewear since its inception. Each of these limited editions was high valued by the community as a result. Supreme was taking New York by storm at the same time that skaters were making the brand famous on the other coast of the country. With hundreds of boutique shops and designer brands all over Fairfax Street, Los Angeles is one of the biggest fashion destinations in the world. It is worth noting that streetwear labels are especially popular in Los Angeles, which is known for its origins in Traditionally, skater culture shaped the streetwear movement. Supreme has long been known for its iconic leather jackets, a number one among historical brands, and its iconic skateboard shoes. Although Supreme rose to popularity and fame thanks to a collaboration with Nike in 2006, the Supreme Blazer SB is still the brand’s most popular item.

The initial retail price of the shoes was Following Kanye West’s appearance wearing them at the Grammy Foundation Starry Night party, the price of the sneakers rose six times, to an outrageous This was the moment when Supreme’s logo began to gain recognition around the world. When Supreme opened its doors 20 years ago, it was a small skateboarding store in Brooklyn. In today’s currency, how much is Supreme worth? The Supreme company has a market value of $1 billion. A Supreme logo can now be recognized for its unique design that is both simple and original

Unsurprisingly, not many people know that Supreme’s logo mimics Barbara Kruger’s (a conceptualist) design work right down to the very last detail. The fact that Supreme is also infringing on copyrights makes sense, as copyright theft is perhaps another key part of Supreme’s As Supreme’s appropriation of images has evolved, the brand has grown in popularity and has developed a rebellious image. One of the earliest and most popular Supreme T-shirts featured a photo of Robert De Niro from the film Taxi Driver, along with the red-and-white logo. Supreme’s designers used classic pop culture imagery and logos to make the clothes feel like contemporary art.

As well as clothing that includes popular phrases, Supreme also produces clothing that allows customers to express themselves through their clothes. A consistent theme among Supreme products is that they are designed with innovative designs and brand variations, aiming to keep things interesting. The company has received cease-and-desist letters from the NHL, the NCAA, and even LVMH due to its use of unlicensed imagery in the past. While Supreme has been involved in law suits and has grown constantly, it has managed to maintain its cool, exclusive, alternative

So, why is Supreme so expensive?

We are a brand with a unique and rebellious Even though it sold a 50% stake in the company to a private equity firm, Supreme managed to maintain its skater DNA and following. To top it off, Supreme’s logo is easily recognizable I recognize it, consider it cool, and am easily able to identify it. It is highly likely that the more you come into contact with Supreme’s logo, the more you will feel connected to it, the more familiar and familiar it becomes.

2. Hard-To-Get Approach

Neither is necessarily true, since Supreme purposefully makes it extremely difficult for their consumers to buy their products. Beyond their online store, Supreme sells their merchandise only through 11 brick-and-mortar stores globally, including one in Madrid. In order to convey the idea of difficult to acquire, exclusivity, and limited availability, the brand approaches this intentionally. If, for example, you want to order something from Supreme on Monday morning, you will enter your shopping information, such as name, email, phone number, address, and credit card number, on the company’s website. In the middle of Tuesday, the company sends you a text message notifying you if you’re selected to stand in line at one of its You receive a text message from Supreme on Wednesday, informing you of the time and store where you will be reporting. After almost a week (Thursday), you will be able to go (only to the given store and at the given time slot), and wait in the line for the product you were longing for.

In addition to that difficult to obtain, there is a second obstacle, namely the rule of no more than one piece per style. This means that if a Supreme shirt comes out in dark grey, black, and red, you’ll only be able to buy it in one color, let’s say dark So you will need to get two other people to order it for you if you want it in black and red, too. So they will have to stand next to you in Supreme’s waiting line. This is not uncommon of course, as I know people who stand in line for friends, family members, or even for someone else who pays them for their services. In addition to making Supreme products difficult to obtain, another way the company tries to generate interest is to intentionally release fewer products than demand. As Supreme makes consumers work to access products, the more appealing these services and products become.

Luxury brands’ tactic of making products nearly impossible to access is something Supreme has copied from them after noticing it creates added value in the eyes of consumers. Consumers are more likely to feel a purchase is relevant, justified, and valuable as there are more hoops and loops they have to jump through. The streets of London and New York are filled with top quality streetwear brands, for instance. As a result, the more exclusive and harder to obtain they are, the more demand they would generate, and Supreme stands out as the best example in this category.

Why is Supreme so expensive?

You can’t get it easier than this! takes advantage of the law of supply and demand, which means that whenever Supreme releases a limited edition collection, in a low offering, there is a higher demand for those products, which then become even more valuable in the long run. At that point, resellers and collectors can step in. To learn more about this, see point 4 on the list. The collectors of Supreme are interested in rare and limited edition pieces, so they aren’t bothered by the higher price of buying Supreme from a reseller rather than directly from Supreme.

3. Limited Editions & Rare Collections

Known for its multiple collaborations with Nike, Dover Street Market, The North Face, Vans, LVMH, and many more high-profile brands, Supremo has a wide portfolio of products. Founded in 1995, Supreme has steadily grown in popularity over the last few several years with its outfits and accessories gaining a wide following within those interested in ‘celebrity culture’. In addition to Kanye West, Chris Brown, John Mayer, and Kid Cudi wearing Supreme clothing, there are many others. As a result of global stars and celebrities, the brand has risen to popularity in an indirect way, now known as the ‘Kanye effect’ – an example of this is Kanye wearing the ‘Supreme Blazer SB’ You may have missed the story above, but this pair of Supreme shoes was launched in collaboration with Nike and retailed for roughly They didn’t change much in price until Kanye West wore them in 2007 at the Starry Night gala held by the Grammy Foundation. Kanye West’s pictures prompt Supreme’s resale price to rise six times, to $800, after being posted online.

Several limited editions from Supreme have been released in partnership with famous personalities and top Let us look at an example of two identical jackets to get a better understanding of the concept of “Limited Edition”. It is made from identical materials with the same Gore-Tex technology and is made by The North Face. In one jacket, the price is $400, while in the other, it In other words, what is This jacket is part of a Supreme x The North Face collaboration and retails for $4000. In the same way, Tyler, the Creator’s teal box-logo sweatshirt retailed for around $150 in his “She” music video. The price however, increased when it was resold to $3,500 once the buyer resold it.

Why is Supreme so expensive?

There is a limited edition of everything! By indirectly creating a reseller market, Supreme has created a market of people who buy their products not because they want to wear them, but because they want to make money from them. When there’s a potential to make money, all the people (queuing around the block) will show up. Fun Fact The reselling market for Supreme products will always be larger than the streetwear market segment. Because they are reselling Supreme products at a great profit, they are allowed to resell for a much higher price than what they originally paid. This brings us to Supreme’s 4th strategy Consumers. Whether they are resellers or collectors, Supreme’s fan base sustains premium prices.

4. Powerful Community

Supreme has built up a huge fan base over the years. The brand, which has over 20M fans in total, is well known worldwide thanks to Instagram alone. Following the release of a new release, Supreme fans begin to book shopping sessions online, hoping to line up outside stores as soon as the release is announced. Shoppers continually refresh Supreme’s web pages to keep up with the latest products as soon as Supreme’s website goes live.

Thousands of Supreme’s fans (usually called hypebeasts) contribute to the climate of collective madness on various forums, social media accounts, and resale sites. With the level of excitement over Supreme’s release, resellers use any tools available to get their hands on the brand’s products, including sneaker bots. The resellers will then place Supreme’s collections on websites like eBay, StockX, and even Sotheby’s, if they need to do so for a really high price. According to the famous British auction house, the 2019 catalog of things by Supreme contains the largest batch of items ever offered by the auction house. Over 1,300 items owned by Supreme’s collector Yukio Takahashi – from minibikes to pinball machines – have been sold for a total of £200,000, the Telegraph reports.

Six out of the eleven Supreme stores in the world are located in Japan, making the company nearly a religion there. Supreme’s products are limited editions and very sought after, so resales can sell for as much as 30 times original price. The Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration brought together the most significant and notable streetwear brand The Louis Vuitton collection had even higher prices in the early days since it was manufactured and marketed by the luxury brand.


According to the original Supreme website, the price of an original Supreme product bought from their stores is not out of the ordinary (price-wise), especially compared to other similar brands. Most graphic t-shirts from Supreme retail for around $36, for example. There isn’t much difference between that and what you would pay for a similar t-shirt from another streetwear brand. Despite this, since the company only produces a limited number of items people are excited about, these items sell out fast, long before most people can get their hands on them.

The Supreme Box Logo was designed on crewneck shirts during the Fall/Winter 2018 collection. It sold out in 32 seconds when 9 different colorways and 4 sizes were released. The company was trying to stop online fashion bots from mass purchasing Supreme crewnecks, so most customers who tried to purchase one received a card declined message. The same crewneck that someone else managed to get for $150 from the official website was sold out in just a few hours and customers paid nearly $1,000 for it. The Supreme brand is not resold for profit on every occasion. We refer to anything that doesn’t resell for more than the original retail price as a Supreme brick. If you want a Supreme item without paying a crazy premium price, check out some information on the best places to buy authentic Supreme items. Next time someone asks, “Why is Supreme so expensive?”, point them to this article so they can see how Supreme is viewed and how the company became what it is today. They’re known for their limited editions, resellers, collectors, and collaborations with celebrities and well-known fashion brands, which are a key part of their business strategy.

Now it’s your turn…

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