The Hottest Fashion Shows Going Ahead in 2022

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The Hottest Fashion Shows Going Ahead in 2022

Over the last couple of years, we have unfortunately been unable to attend a lot of the events that we know and love. Due to covid restrictions, all major public events had to be put on hold in order to protect the safety of those who were going to possibly attend. This means that no concerts, big celebrations, or festivals were able to proceed, which means that many of us are craving a good public event to attend in the next year.

If you are someone that has a passion for fashion, then you may have been upset over the last year due to the fact that so many of the runways and fashion shows that we all love were forced to cancel. There were still some fashion shows that took place, but this all occurred online and so you were unable to experience the atmosphere of a fashion show, which we all know is something that can not be compared to any other feeling.

You are most likely more than ready to venture out and see a fashion show, but with so many regulations still in place, it can be hard to know which shows are actually going to happen this year. Here are the hottest fashion shows going ahead in 2022.


London Fashion Week

One of the most popular fashion shows that thousands of people flock to every year is London Fashion Week. This event didn’t happen at all last year, which means that the designers have had almost two years to master some of the most beautiful designs and inspire the general public.

Due to the fact that this particular fashion week is considered to be a ‘come back’, we have been promised that it will be the best one yet. Something that is setting this year apart from other fashion week events is the long list of celebrity hosts and guests. Many celebrities have worked in collaboration with some of the biggest names and one of the most notable celebrities to be taking the stage this year is Lily Allen. Lily has had a big year, due to her performances in the west end and her creation of the brand Liberty which focuses on female relaxation products such as rose toys. Though last year was already busy for Lily, this year looks as though it is going to be equally, if not more busy. She is collabing with Chanel and presenting their latest collection to the world. Nobody knows what the collection will be like, but when it comes to Chanel you know that it is going to be good.

If you want to get an experience of what fashion week is like in London, but you are unable to get tickets to the runway, then simply head to London. The whole city comes alive when London fashion week is happening and you will see some of the most glamorous outfits and meet some of the most amazing people.


Handbags and Gladrags

If you are someone that doesn’t really enjoy the look of a typical fashion show and you want to see something a little more camp, then we recommend that you book tickets to go and see handbags and Gladrags. This event is hosted by some of the UK’s favorite drag queens and next year promises to be one of the biggest shows yet.

This particular fashion show is about embracing all things that are unique and creative and for this reason, this particular fashion show actually invites viewers to take part in the show. If you want to be a part of the fashion show, then all that you need to do is use recycled materials and try to make your own look that is sustainable and fashion-forward.

What makes this fashion show stand out from a lot of the others is just how inclusive they are when it comes to model selection. This fashion show believes that fashion is not just reserved for size 0 and for this reason they try to include a diverse line of models, which represent many different body times and body abilities. This is why the fashion show has been so popular for so many years.



The Milan fashion show is included in what is considered to be the ‘big four’ of the fashion weeks. Anyone that is a huge fan of fashion waits all year in anticipation of what they believe is going to be the new trends of the year. Many people fly out to Milan in order to be able to see the event in person, but a lot of the runways are extremely exclusive and are reserved for some of the biggest names in fashion and some major celebrities. If you want to attend, we recommend that you look now in order to get tickets

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