What Color Pants Does Jake From State Farm Wear?

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What Color Pants Does Jake From State Farm Wear?

Khakis. Jake even declares that he’s wearing khakis in the commercial!) It’s obvious that khakis are a must. They are equally easy to buy as the red polo: You can get them at Kohl’s for $30, which is the same price as the red polo.

What Color Is Jake From State Farm?

State Farm decided to put a little more effort into their marketing. Their ad campaign features color. In the film, Jake From State Farm is now black (and easy on the eyes), and some white people have lost their minds as well.

What Does Jake From State Farm Say He’s Wearing?

Jake from State Farm, what are you wearing?? “What do you think?” She asks. “Uhh… khakis,” he responds.

What Are You Wearing Jake From State Farm Lady?

Melanie Deanne Paxson, who lives in Los Angeles but was born in Champaign, Illinois 47 years ago, is the wife of Jake from State Farm. Melanie Deanne Paxson is an actress who has appeared in films and television shows since the early 1970s. In addition to growing up in nearby Mahomet, he also attended nearby schools.

What Color Shirt Does Jake From State Farm Wear?

A red shirt embroidered with the Jake State Farm Halloween costume.

Why Is Jake From Statefarm Black?

There is no doubt that the new Jake is a black actor, which is a good indication that this is a diverse cast. Some believe that this decision is not motivated by race, but rather by sexual orientation.

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