What Do The Star Trek Shirt Colors Mean?

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What Do The Star Trek Shirt Colors Mean?

For command, white is used; gold is used for engineering; gray for science, communications, and navigation; dark green for security; light green for medical; dark blue for operations; and light blue for special services.

Why Does Picard Wear Red?

The original TOS (The Original Series) had gold for command, red for engineering and security, and blue for science and medical officers. Despite Kirk’s refusal to believe that Bones is a reliable doctor, crew members are conditioned to trust him because he wears a blue uniform.

Why Does Kirk Wear Green?

Two different days were used to film the scenes. Although I cannot confirm or deny whether Shatner wore a corset, the producers wanted him to wear the green wrap as a way of showing off his weight gain. It was not helping that the gold velour uniform was shrinking and expanding, which was not helping.

What Are The Different Color Uniforms In Star Trek TNG?

There is a muted burgundy color in Command Red, gold is a mustard tone, and blue is actually teal. There is a black uniform, and the color has been changed by the guys who wore red shirts previously.

What Do The Colors Mean In Star Trek Discovery?

There is a long tradition of color-coded uniforms that indicate which divisions of the Star Trek universe are served by Starfleet personnel. The Original Series command division was gold, science and medical were blue, and operations, engineering, and security were red, perhaps most famously.

Why Does Kirk Wear Yellow And Picard Wear Red?

The Redshirt died anyway, even though he missed. The uniforms of the Starfleet are made up of three colors: red, blue, and gold/yellow. The original TOS (The Original Series) had gold for command, red for engineering and security, and blue for science and medical officers.

Why Is Kirk’s Uniform Green?

On-set fabrics were red and blue, maintaining their color on film stock. However, the green uniforms were gold on screen thanks to the combination of studio lighting, velour material, and film stock.

What Does A Red Shirt In Star Trek Mean?

Fans and staff of Star Trek refer to redshirts as a term that partially refers to the characters who wear red Starfleet uniforms, and mainly to those characters who are expendable, and are often killed, sometimes in large numbers, often by security guards.

Why Does Picard Wear A Red Uniform?

A Starfleet uniform is primarily designed to indicate the wearer’s career. The original TOS (The Original Series) had gold for command, red for engineering and security, and blue for science and medical officers.

Why Do Ensigns Wear Red?

Considering Wesley’s science experiments and his love of engineering, would those be better suited to him? TNG is a command system. He had no command experience before he entered the academy, so even if he wanted command, his position should have been based on his experience.

Why Did Picard’s Uniform Change?

Picard, of all people, is the one who wears something different, and it’s noteworthy that everyone else wears the same thing, but Troi wears the same thing. As it turns out, the Borg had a rather dark past.

What Color Is Kirk’s Shirt?

Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Sulu, and Pavel Chekov are among the command division’s gold-tinted shirts. In addition to chief engineer Scotty and communications officer Uhura, red uniforms belong to the engineering/communications division.

When Did Captain Kirk Wear A Green Shirt?

David A. Kirk, Shatner’s fictional character, was in attendance to support the book. Goodman. One fan asked the actor about Kirk’s alternate uniform on the 1966-1969 television series in the green tunic, which drew a rather interesting response.

Did Kirk Wear A Girdle?

While playing CAPTAIN JAMES T KIRK in Star Trek, William Shatner wore a corset to hold in his waist, but he has laughed off the rumors. In an interview with the TV legend, he explains that he was mistakenly labeled a girdle-wearer after an unfortunate accident.

Why Did They Change The Uniforms In Star Trek TNG?

As a result of the redesign by costume designer Robert Blackman, the material was changed to eliminate odors, and the actors’ backs were less strained when the pants were switched to a two-piece suit.

What Are The Uniform Colors On Star Trek?

The original Star Trek series, which ran from 1966-1969 (or roughly from 2254 to 2269 in the universe), featured three standard uniform colors for the Starfleet officers: gold, blue, and red. A gold uniform is worn by a person in command (Captain James T. during this time period).

Why Are Star Trek Discovery Uniforms Different?

The colors were also changed to indicate which divisions were present. The original meaning of gold was command, while red was engineering. In the days of Jean-Luc Picard, command was red, while engineering was gold. In the series, as it moved into films and spin-offs, a different jumper appeared.

What Are The Ranks In Star Trek Discovery?


Rank (final)


Landry, Ellen


Chief of security


Lieutenant junior grade

Science officer



Lorca, Gabriel


Commanding officer

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