Where To Buy Cheap Custom Dress Shirt?

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Where To Buy Cheap Custom Dress Shirt?

A custom dress shirt typically costs between $150 and $500. You may find one that costs $150 or less, but keep in mind that the quality will not be as good as off-the-rack ones. Custom shirts, if they are properly cared for, will almost always last longer.

Are Indochino Shirts Custom?

A custom pattern is designed to compliment your natural shape, so you can feel comfortable wearing it. The right fit is what accentuates your best features in our shirts.

How Much Does A Made To Measure Shirt Cost?

It depends on the brand and materials you choose how much you’ll pay. Would it be okay to part with your hard-earned money?? There should be no problem. Make-to-measure shirts require a lot of supplies. Here’s what you need.

How Much Does Custom Clothing Cost?

A survey of tailored clothing sold in stores found that 36 percent were either custom made and made from scratch, such as the one mentioned above (prices can range from $5,000 to $12,000, depending on the fabric and designer), or more affordable made-to-measure suits that use an existing pattern

How Much Does A Custom Tailored Shirt Cost?

Simple tailoring can cost between $10 and $30, while shirts made to measure can cost $50 or more. In the event that you choose custom, you will likely get a shirt that is flattering and comfortable (no too-snug collars or bunchy tails).

How Much Does It Cost To Get Dress Shirt Tailored?



Price Range


Shorten sleeves at shoulder



Take in sleeves (make them slimmer)



Take in shirt (make it slimmer)



Shorten shirt length


How Much Does A Tailor Shirt Cost?

If you want to fix a too-big dress shirt, you can get it for $15 to $35.

Is INDOCHINO Better Than SuitSupply?

SuitSupply is just a bit below quality, as well. There is just a slight difference in feel and fabric, and it is just a little bit less rich than usual. Indochino suits are about $450, but you can get them for less than $350 if you buy them from SuitSupply.

Are INDOCHINO Shirts Made To Measure?

We manufacture garments made to measure (or MTM) at INDOCHINO. We custom-manufacture our MTM garments according to measurements provided by our customers, or by our staff at one of our showrooms. In order to measure at home, you use an algorithm that is similar to ours.

How Much Is A Custom Suit From INDOCHINO?

Indochino offers custom suits for $399, which is the same price as an untailored off-the-rack suit. Indochino suits are made with quality materials and tailored to feel premium, thanks to their precise tailoring.

Are Tailored Shirts Worth It?

You can save money by tailoring your items since you won’t have to replace them. Basic jeans are one example of a cheap and easy item to replace. In addition, tailoring makes clothes look better no matter where they were purchased, so it’s important to do it. You can change your look with a slight adjustment in fit.

What Is Made-to-measure Shirts?

A made-to-measure shirt is basically a shirt that is made from your measurements, which is more like a bespoke shirt, but then uses an already created pattern.

How Much Is A Shirt?

Shirt Quantity



White Shirt

$20-$21Free Shipping

$9-$13Free Shipping

Black / Color Shirt

$24-$25Free Shipping

$10-$14Free Shipping

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